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Sunday, January 1, 2012

NYE 2011

All my life I have been home on New Years Eve. I do not even remember going to church on a New Years day growing up. Maybe we did and it just seemed like another weekend.

This year I had no kid at home and I wanted to go out somewhere. I do not drink nor did I want to hang out with a bunch of crazy drunks so there was that to be concerned about.

No party invites or sleep over requests were received in the vicinity in time although my best friend from high school said I was welcomed to crash at her place in MI. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Just when I thought I might just watch the ball drop on tv as usual I heard there would be fire works in old Sacramento twice for the night.

I decided to head out and take a peak. In times past when fire works were done at Cal Expo there were neighborhood streets to be on and enjoy them from. Going downtown was going to be all together a different experience.

I tried to avoid the traffic and almost succeeded. If I had just gotten over before I realized the lines were sticking…

There was an early or east coast display at 9pm. I was on the freeway at the J street exit as that was going on. I had come around from the north area heading west. My plan was to get maybe to Ikea but the traffic caught me.

Still the mood was light and festive. We sat and sat but the cab in front of me was rocking with young people who would lean out to yell Happy New year. Suddenly the car next to me jumped and leaned with a loud noise. I thought it blew a tire. Nope hydraulics baby!!!

An Escalade on the other side of me began Jerking. lol Good times. Behind me a guy was having a dance off by himself in a seat. Thankfully he was in the front but not the driver of that car. A white car with blazing Christmas lights went past.

I saw a woman putting on her make up in another passenger front seat. I knew people were going to parties as well as trying to get home. Slipping away from there I headed out to the drive in thinking to pass the time until our midnight.

Arriving there I found nothing interesting that I wanted to see playing. I had snacks, the radio even some knitting with me so I would not get bored. I headed back to the old Sacramento area. I parked in over flow parking by the River Cats stadium and waiting.

The hours passed quickly. I stumbled upon a new radio show that I had never heard of before. Lady Braininteresting. I enjoyed the festivities of the year passing and left the parking lot before the fire works display was over to avoid repeat traffic issues.

I was home in bed by 1am. Happy New Year!

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