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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cinema For Christmas

I have heard for a while that going to the movies is a Christmas time tradition for some families.

The idea had never occurred to me before. Suddenly however that is exactly what we did this year.

This week a few students gathered us together to watch some required movies for our church history class.

Luther and then A Man For All Seasons. Both EXCELLENT and moving. A little old worldly but I loved them anyway. Highly recommend.

I have a NetFlix account that I am just not even taking full advantage of. The last dvd I viewed was American History X which was also a great film. What has been in the house for weeks since then is The Book of Eli which I can now watch like a movie with the new projector I bought as a present for myself.

What I needed was a dvd player. All I had was my computer and I am always online. Hahahaha

To top off all this small screen cinema fun while out seeing all the sights and enjoying the shopping season the daughter and I ended up at the movies at Sunrise. 

She wanted to see Puss and Boots but gave it a thumbs down afterwards. Not as humorous as she had hoped was her explanation.

She left on her way with her dad to visit with the other side of the family and after I dropped her off I went back to see the movies she passed up for the cartoon. I had forgotten the trailers and plot of Money Ball but was thinking it had been something I wanted to see. 

Real Steel I knew would be great. What I did not know was a boy, the bot and two women would steal the show and Wolverine was just the stunt bad guy turned good. Hahahahaha 

I think my daughter would have really loved that as the child of a dead beat father still trying to get it right.

I think it captured a decent portrayal and maybe someones very raw and real experience of feeling abandoned, traded, sold and undervalued. 

This movie was fun like Iron Man. I like action with a good story even if the main characters are painfully flawed. The new technology and stories are also exciting.

My extra props I save for last. Maybe now I have an idea of gifts I can get for my mother. I hope she has a dvd player or maybe I need to send her one. I think she would enjoy all these movies. When I sat down to Money Ball I thought of her and my past. 

When they got married my parents settled in Oakland California. I was born an A’s fan.

There are pictures of me with various pieces of paraphernalia from fan days at the ballpark. In the last few years it seems a funny thing happened in baseball that started with the general manager of the Oakland Athletics.

The science of baseball. Now there is an idea.

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