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Sunday, January 29, 2012

XLVI - No Cook Food

I have discussed more about football this year than I think ever before in my life. 

This includes all of about 4 posts here on the web. That is about as concerned as I am.
My daughters father was not a sports guy. My very first boyfriend was from a country where Rugby was popular. 

Go figure. I want to see a hockey game.

The one and only NFL game I attended I was so little I slept on my daddy’s knee. Must have been the 70’s.

Still my daughter speaks football. We were in the car going somewhere the night the 49ers lost their chance at going to the super bowl. Her phone rang and a friend of the family was calling to give her the sad news.

One of my contacts in MA wants me to be a Patriots fan but I think I lean more towards the NY Giants.
If I get invited to a super bowl party my schedule is open. Just do not expect me to eat any guacamole

The daughter and I are locked in an I will not eat avocado impasse. She buys them and slices them on salads or makes a dip with cream cheese that she then eats with Cool Ranch Doritos.

Speaking of recipes, I will share that one.

One whole avocado she says 

Plus 4 oz of cream cheese

Mash together

Add paprika to taste and if I know her a dash of lime or lemon in juice or zest because those are her go to additions.

Does anyone do the Velveta and Salsa one that is on all those commercials? 

I do not like cheese so I am not inclined but I wonder if it really is super yummy.

My go to chip dip is a multilayer bean dip.

I like it with re-fried black beans, sour cream, salsa and shredded cheese

We eat it chilled with corn chips or slathered on a tortilla and toasted. 

Add meat for a full soft taco variation. Everyone always loves it. You can also add as much as you want or vary it as needed.

The first time I made it a friend of mine was pulling together a baby shower for another friend.

She wanted 7 layers. That included guac, olives and either tomato or ground beef

To each their own.


  1. right now I live with 5 males....I know more about football than I ever even imagined...I can predict pro bowlers!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  2. Hello! Wow I will check you out. Thanks for stopping in, following and saying hello.