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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sensible Parenting

Could I be a miser? I do not think I am. I am just not driven by the crowd or careless with money. Being sensible keeps me from being swept away with strange fads.

When I talk to my daughter about life, finances and advertising I tell her for instance that people actually bought Pet Rocks. She just gives me that what the heck teenager look.

Those of you who are old enough can remember that fad. Does anything else come to mind that you bought and either regret or at least can laugh about?

Surely I have a few things not exactly in daily rotation. Still I rarely buy retail and always get the best value I can manage.

There are some great thrift and discount stores locally. Eco Thrift for instance.

I read interesting non fiction books when I lived next door to the Rancho Cordova library. Books on business, the stock market, innovation, sales & advertising etc. 

I never saw anything by Dave Ramsey or if I did I passed them over for the woman with the cute blonde bob. 

I instinctively knew coming into being a single mom that my daughter only needed the very basics to grow up happy and healthy.

Parenting must be with intention. It is a shame to raise a selfish entitled brat. This happens when the gifts out weigh the responsibility and parents don’t step in to regulate.

Thankfully my daughter continues to make me proud. She has the usual teen anxieties but still a good head on her shoulders. 

She started ridiculing me for the off brands I buy like razors and other items at the $1 stores. I put some of that house hold buying responsibility in her hands. I gave her a set amount for the month and set her lose.

Now she fully understands the need for and idea of getting more for less if the value is the same. I thought she would just understand that having grown up with me.

Sometimes experiencing for yourself is believing apparently.

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