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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Purple & Black

Truth be told when I first heard the Kings wanted to leave town a while back my initial thought was "Bye". 

I thought, what are we going to do? Lay ourselves on the road between Natomas and southern California, to beg? 

Instead Sacramento stood up loud and proud. The nice thing is the team and those who needed to heard us and decided to listen. So #HereWeStay Trends on Twitter and all is right with the world. 

I remember when there was nothing in Natomas besides Arco Arena. Power balance just does not roll of my tongue as naturally. 

My family moved to town in 1980. I was becoming increasingly aware of the world through that decade.

Last night brought back memories. I was not feeling quite 100% yesterday. There were a few house keeping things I needed to get done. Coming off a late recovery nap I noticed via Twitter that the documentary was coming on at 4pm.

I could hear it playing the back ground as I was busy up stairs and in the kitchen. We cannot wait to have access to the DVD. It is as much entertainment as it is history.

Small Market Big Heart

I have traveled the nation and even been to the Bahamas and Mexico. You know however there are people that never leave the town they are born in. 

To those of us who love it here born or transplanted this is home. Our professional basketball team puts us on the map. It gives us something to get excited about and do. 

I could not believe how many Twitter profiles went purple as the rally cry went out when they thought we were in danger of losing them. 

In 2006 my daughter and I were impressed by an event the team had us out to after hosting a group that attended a game at Arco that year. A chance to mingle with the royalty.

Just the other day I went to get "my loner car" washed before turning it in. We were at Harvs downtown. As we stood around waiting a tall guy wandered in. I take notice of human oddities but try not to rush to judgment.

When I see two little kids that appear to be the same I check and double check before asking “Are they twins” since any variation in height is a sign they may not be. 

With this tall guy wandering the shop all of a sudden it was the stud in his ear and then the way people treated him that let us know along with the height that he is a player.

I did not catch his name and I am not a super fan so I have no idea who it was. Maybe it will click next time I watch a game.

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