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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ending Well

Here we are at the end of January 2012. I am on track. It has taken some work but it feels good.

As the year started I jumped on the Ultimate Blogging Challenge to make a post a day. OUCH

It was fine until my life got busy and then I got a little stuck with some ideas.

No writers block thankfully. The sad thing is when I really have the flow going I can bang out 500 words in 20 minutes or so. Sometimes the trouble is finding and adding the right pictures.

As the days wound down and I found myself in a pinch behind the 8 ball I grabbed some previously written up info. Recipes are good too. XLVI is coming and everyone loves chocolate. Right?

I am proud of my work on the blog this month. I owed this poor little space something. The new blog had more than twice as much traffic in 9 months as this one has in its years of existence. 

Finally I am finding my voice and an audience. There are a few new followers. It is not so much that my reach has changed. My consistency with posting and sharing is I think what has made the difference.

I have a new project to jump on. I thought it would mean giving up the blogger blogs. It might not I have not had the time to check. I got a domain and it comes with a WordPress blog. I have been wanting to try that platform out. If I can do multiple blogs. Poof we are going!!!

Still I almost do not mind being spread out. I am going to go back to posting when I feel inspired and not just because I have a live blog. There is a hit to quality that can come with that. Especially not even getting weekends or holidays off. 

Look forward to our first guest post even as I wait for my first guest post to be posted. 

I really need to show some love to my ministry and raising a teen blogs the latter has had no posts all year. The former has a few hit or misses. This challenge has sapped all my free thinking.

My normal pace is about every other or 3rd day. It seems to take that long for full viewership to take place on posts anyway.

It is my hope that my fellow challenge bloggers are really feeling energized not deflated at this point. I like a webinar I checked out last night. All of the info makes good sense. Many of the ideas just come naturally to me.

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