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Friday, January 27, 2012

Guest Posting for Success

I was struggling to write a post about guest blogging. Especially since a business owner and social media personality asked me to help them break into Twitter. 

It is what prompted me to write a series of posts on the issue.

I thought they would take my info as a guest blog post. That did not happen. I was thinking they missed an opportunity to have me help promote their business. 

I posted about that and being stuck on this post elsewhere and then I slept on it. When I woke up I knew what I had done wrong.

Hello silly: should have invited them to guest post. 

I thought when I first saw guest posting since bloggers always squee about it and it was mostly women that it was about friendship.

Now I am not saying it cannot be but it more than that.

A successful blog becomes it’s own little community. Bringing in guests is about variety, buzz, expertise and networking.

So now the exciting news I get to squee about. I revamped what I have learned about Twitter and submitted a guest blog post here. It should appear in the next few weeks. I will keep you all posted.

Do you have a favorite blog author that you think can speak to your viewers and followers?

Have you thought of giving them the honor of an invitation to guest post?

Any heroes in the community that you would love to talk about, hear from and show case? 

Can you use your blog as a platform to highlight something you want to see addressed locally or globally?

Have you looked at a blog and thought there was something you could add to the discussion the author has been having?

That is what I did when I read the call for submissions. I looked over the blog. I searched it. I read all the posts that came up with my key subject word in it. There were not that many. 

I wrote about 500 words on things that had not been covered. It is a business and some what therefore more technical post.
On another blog it might be a relate able story mirroring one that has been posted. Guest blogging does give the host author a rest for a day. It also puts you in front of a whole new sphere of people.

Put your feelers out or just to a little rummaging to find bloggers looking to host guest content. 

Challenge yourself to spice it up and have some fun.

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