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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thankful 2013

If you are on Facebook maybe you have seen thankfulness trending all month. Every day people post something they are thankful for as the month wears on and our national day of celebration looms large.

My month started with us being evicted thus it was a little hard to manifest joy amidst boxes and trying to find new accommodations. I have it though. Perspective is a powerful thing.

A little treat I gave myself this month was a trip to the movies. Usually I reserve my film fun for the discount second run theater or the drive-ins two for one deal. 

This time I splurged and saw 
12 Years a Slave.  
OUCH Raw Intense Powerful

There are things this nation has been through since then, in my life time and in the founding of the nation like those first settlers who braved “the pond” for a chance at freedom in a new world.

  • Modern day freedom
  • Technology
  • Medical breakthroughs
  • American opulence
  • Wonderful Family
  • Amazing Friends
  • The kindness of strangers 
  • Health and Sanity 
  • Roller Derby
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Yummy Treats 
  •  Unexpected Gifts
  • Clothing Swaps
  • MeetUps
  • TweetUps
  • Random Connections
  • New Friends
  • Old Friends
  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Routine and Chance
  • Weather
  • Travel
  • Resilience and Tenacity
  • Beauty
  • Talent
  • Hobbies
  • Opportunity
  • Weight Loss Maintenance
  • Entertainment
  • Laughter
  • Joy
  • Future plans
  • Social media
  • My daughter
  • My cats
  • Fashion
  • Another year 38 and counting
My list might seem simple but the best things in life just are. 

In many ways these few dozen things are things I rest upon each and every day. Where might I be without them?

Those are my blessings my gifts from the world and my gifts back to the world in some ways.

I saw one of those posts trending in social media asking: What if you wake up tomorrow missing all the things you were not thankful for today.

It is amazing when you really stop to think about all you love and appreciate. It reminds me to smile. Sometimes when there is stress or difficulty and I feel like a smile is inappropriate I will follow that with a growl. 

This can often make me giggle and then the whole thing repeats. It keeps me light and jovial. I hope you have had the joy of reflecting as we approach holiday season 2013. 

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  1. I'm enjoying your blog and am happy to have found you. I look forward to reading more, and have joined you on Bloglovin' and Google+. All the best!

    1. Oh what a delight to read your note! Thank you. I am always delighted to interact with those who stop by. I just added the blog to Kindle so if you have one you can get it there. See you around the blogisphere.

  2. Ouch. Sorry to hear about the eviction. *expletives here* And giving thanks, I hope will always be a trend that will always stay in style. I try to remember to do it everyday. Cheers :) and Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks. I have been through worse things. I had a job interview this week which went well. I hope thus to be employed in a weeks time and in a new place of my own by the first of the year. Yes, to the thankfulness trend. Let us hope so! Merry Holidays to you as well.

  3. eviction near the holidays cannot be fun, eviction itself cannot be fun.. You seem like a strong family and will keep it going and it will all work out..

    1. Thanks yeah it was stressful but the only place to go from here is up. Happy Holidays!