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Monday, July 9, 2012

Writer Resources

Happy Monday! Sharing is caring right?

It is day 9 of the summer Ultimate Blogging Challenge. 

Another great day I thought, to share some great resources from movers and shakers in the world of blogging, writing, speaking and business.

For those of you not doing UBC. It happens every three months. The challenge is to post daily all month. It is also to get involved and active in the blogging community. 

Visit other blogs, leave comments provide feedback, link up and post to Twitter using the hash tags, stretch yourself, meet some new friends and have fun.

These are really just good blogging principles to live by. Daily posting might be a bit much for some but it is a nice goal to reach for.

I did the challenge in January under duress and I almost did not make it. Aprils went better and this one is going great. I usually have a few ideas rolling around in my head or on paper. 

For those who can get a little more stuck or run dry, Michelle to the rescue.

Co host of the UBC she is a wealth of information in print and via video. When you register for the challenge there are also daily blog prompts sent to your inbox to help keep you on track. 

We are having a ball via the Facebook group as the challenge get's rolling. 

Come on over and see for yourself. Our group on FB.

I do not read fiction or like a lot of fluff. It can be a great way to escape from it all. However great writing and really reaching your best audience takes work. 

For those who want to do this better a few links to super stars getting it done and sharing how it works for them.

Michelle @ 3LPublishing I met her and she gave me free books. You cannot beat that. She has written a new book. That has a YouTube trailer. It seems interesting. 

More Sex in the City than 50 Shades of Grey but like I mentioned, my focus is not on fiction these days.

Stephanie Chandler another local publisher.

She Writes Coming out as publishers soon.  

Micheal Hyatt anyone else noticing a theme here?

Chris Brogan  author etc. that Michelle talked about in her video.


  1. can't believe I didn't know about this one! Will have to research it. Nice blog by the way.

    1. The surprises might never end. That is half the fun of it all. Glad this has been helpful.