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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Super Sweet Blog Award

This blog has been around for a while but it has only since winter set in that I have really been taking it seriously.

Thankfully once I did that I found a bit of community to connect to and settled into a grove. 

What I was not sure to expect was who I would run in to or who would be interested in my quirky points of view.

She is an author in her own right with a fascinating history and perspective on the current world. She bestowed this wonderful blogging award upon me months ago and it has taken me this long to get around to showing it off.

Seven Random Facts that make me super sweet:

#1 I do not eat icing or frosting

#2 Flying in small planes does not scare me
#3 I prefer letters to numbers so no Sudoku but I like to do my own taxes and I can balance my check book in my head

#4 True Crime dramas fascinate me

#5 I like jigsaw and crossword puzzles

#6 My hope had been to marry and spend my 30s having babies. I wanted five total.

#7 Four of my former boyfriends had blue eyes. 

The first was an older guy from Belize. His father was a Caucasian American. His mother was black and spoke Creole. He had a brown Afro.
As a freshman in high school I dated a Ginger (red head).
The next year I met a boyishly handsome blonde. We hit it off until he left town.

After graduation and moving out I met my daughters father. He was model lovely with brown hair.

What can I say? I have a thing for recessive genes maybe.

The favorite blogs I wish to share with you are just as eclectic as the men I have dated.

Some are my friends. Some are just random people I have bumped into and taken a fancy to along the blogging journey. Enjoy!

When you get an award you share it via a post and link to where and who it came from. To participate in the Super Sweet share you reveal 7 random facts about yourself. 

Lastly you link some other blogs you think deserve the award and alert the bloggers so they can continue the chain.


  1. Finally, we get the scoop on you, Tosca. Thought you were holding out on us (: But it was worth waiting for. And thanks for the wonderful mention. Not sure I'm deserving of such accolades.

    1. Nothing too good for my fans. hehehehe

      Seriously your history is impressive. I wish I could have been along for some of your adventures. Surely many of us want to finally write and publish a book.

      As for my personals I am an open book. People just do not ask enough of the right questions. I can also be easily distracted with the goings on of the days. There are many a tale left untold ;>

  2. Tosca, Congratulations on your award! Thank you for mentioning my blog. I don't think its anything special. Just my way of recording what my boys do and drive me nuts doing! Hope to talk to you soon!

    1. The blog awards are a fun way of us encouraging and recognizing each other. By tagging you it means I have given you the award to show off on your blog as well. Your story and the tales from it are inspiring. I miss our chats at all hours from years ago. Blessings.