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Saturday, July 28, 2012

We Should All Learn to Swim

It is Olympic time! The world and especially London are all a flutter.

It is exciting but I have not set myself to watch yet. There are a few favorites we usually end up watching like gymnastics.

Still if I turn on something else compelling, while there is not much else going on, I can see myself falling in love with a new favorite athlete.  

Even discovering an obscure country. 

I am delighted that women are making their presence known on this amazing stage in larger numbers than ever before.

One of the last staggering and all but shameful issues to deal with then, is the issue of race in the swimming pool.

It is not even about racism this time I do not think.

My mother grew up on an island but had a water scare and cannot swim. 

My father I think he said they threw him and the others in a pool during basic training for the Army when he was drafted for the Vietnam war.

He never took us to the pool or talked to my brother and I much about swimming. Mom took us to swim lessons eventually but those did little good.

I do not swim. My daughter I knew needed different parenting and instruction if she was going to break the cycle.

Being a non swimmer type myself I did not do this as well or as much as I wanted but I tried.

When she was a baby I played with her by getting her face wet and dunking her under water in the tub.

She smiled and laughed feeling safe. Mission #1 accomplished.

Next I took her to the pool as a little kid and I let her go to the pool with others when possible.

She learned to play in the pool with friends. I taught her to float and kick.

Mostly I just let her have fun and find her own way. Eventually she got to where she can swim a little.

My secondary swimming issue is that I cannot tread water. It seems like that would help me navigate deep water as I try, when I am in it, to better my skills.

I can float and even do most swimming strokes. I hold my breath and do not open my eyes while I am under water or my eyes are getting wet.

I attended a high school in Michigan that had a pool. We took a course in water safety and swimming instruction.

It helped me learn the skills I now have for confident water interaction. I know what I can and cannot do when I get in.

Go Make A Splash folks for yourselves and with your children if you all cannot swim.


  1. That's difficult, not having grown up with parents who swim, who can just bet in the water with you. That's really how I learned, just in a lake with my dad. Now they start swimming lessons for babies which I think is I ridiculous and a waste of$$. Our boys take swimming lessons thru the school district which is real cheap. They mat not like it but it's the best bet!

  2. Yes the best way to learn is early and naturally with desire and interest a little trial and error. Oh well.

    If people can afford swim lessons for babies and toddlers I do not think that is bad. More social too than anything else Mommy classes to get the moms together. hahahaha

    Lessons are a good bet for most other people. I am not sure if the would work for us or if we need special help.