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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Day in the USA Summer 2012

I read a post the other day on G+. Some one was talking about discovering the American delights of Macaroni and Cheese plus Baked Beans.

I was stunned. Don’t people eat these things all over the world? Hahahahahahaha

You can tell then, how little I world travel can’t you?

I do not even like…cheese much less macaroni and cheese. 
I am from a family that likes it so thick you have to slice it.

The sloopy stuff from the box is more tolerable but I prefer pasta sauce over my noodles. I also prefer shells to elbows.

Bakes beans I like with a little barbecue sauce, mustard and brown sugar mixed in.

What else is unique to this nation as far as food is concerned? Probably everything and nothing. 

What we eat here is largely homogenized to appeal to American taste buds.

In honor of today being the 4th we are invited to a BBQ pool party. 

That reminds me of yesterday.

It wiped me out! 

We awoke leisurely and headed out to pick up somethings we needed. Some of them were unavailable. We set out to see what the hold up was. That meant waiting in a long line.

We were given the run around by employees and bumped into the lunch hour.

My daughter had a class at 1:30 pm. We thought she could make it.

We were wrong. 

After more waiting we were told the person we had waited to see after lunch was not in. A replacement staffer would see us.

We waited. 

Again we inquired, who do we see and how long will this take? A new employee told us about a new person we needed to see. We had heard three titles in less than three hours and still moved no further.

Off to see person number three we went. Suddenly some one else was looking for us. 

“Oh so sorry” she explained. “The person responsible for the mix up is out sick long term”. 

Geez I hope he is going to be okay. 

Meanwhile everything he handled is just going haywire is basically the gist of things.

This threw our whole day off and left us wandering around in the heat.

It meant my daughter and I got to spend some unplanned time out together yesterday. We ate and had ice cream. We went to return an item we bought her that did not fit right. 

I am busy pricing the items I will need for camping later this month.

We were looking for pool items to stock up on for other adventures we have planned.

We used to have noodles and maybe a paddle board or something but they are all gone.

She needs a new swim suit…Oy! 

Now that she is as tall as me this is as annoying as any full grown woman shopping for a suit.
We were at Target playing mix and match with two pieces.
Nothing came together for what she desires. Our search continues.


  1. Macaroni and cheese is pretty much the same in England. Baked beans are another story. Over here they're beans in a tomato sauce (more like pork and beans, US). It would be a boring planet if food were the same everywhere.

    1. Yeah our baked beans are in a tomato sauce too. I just add more things to change the flavor. Food is a fun variable about life all over the world. It is interesting to look into the origins of favorite dishes and see where you end up.