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Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Movie Fun

Our summer got off to a rocky start financially but we did manage to see about a few movies. 

The daughter went with a gaggle of other teens mostly the boyfriend and friends to see the Avengers in 3D.

She gives it her best Siskel & Ebert thumbs up even though she has not seen The Hulk, Thor, or Captain America.

Together we went to see What to Expect which was also a thumbs up but of course not so adrenaline rising and action packed.

One night when MIB III & Spiderman were out we discussed getting to the drive in. That is still the best go see movie deal in town.

$6 a person except for discount night when it is a couple dollars less. For this price you see two current feature films on the big screen. 

For some reason my daughter did not want to see Spiderman. I did not want to see the Lorax or Brave.

Most recently I was alone and slipped late into Battleship. I barely remember seeing this advertised.  I really almost had no idea what I was in for. 

Oh man was it good however!

If you like Transformers this movie should be a nice fit. 

The movie kind of reminds me of Independence Day.

An old familiar plot. Aliens attack the earth and it is up to a rag tag crew to thwart them in epic scrimmages.

There are individual characters to focus on and enjoy at different times in the goings on.


  1. I haven't gone to a movie in ages! Not with young kids. Best I can nagware talks on my iPad.

    1. This is why the drive ins are nice. You go in your own vehicle so it is a tad easier to wrangle the munchkins. Around here for the summers there used to be free movies for kids. I can only imagine those would be like preschool field trips. lol Still if you are brave.

      Another local thing they are doing is out door films which would also be great options for families with young children.

      Barring any of that get a sitter (barter/trade) and get out to a matinee. I recommend it!

  2. Thanks for these movie reviews. Especially for "Battleship", they all sound like rip-roaring adventure stories — violence, macho heroes, and the good guys always win in a very predictable plot (that you obviously enjoy). I don't go to the movies often, and the last one I saw like that was "Lord of the Rings", I think.
    We have no kids in the family, and that's probably why I can get away with favoring more sedate films, with intricate plot twists, strong character development, and powerful acting. The more of those features, the better I like it.
    Thank goodness there are all kinds of films — there's something for everyone.

    1. There are actually only a select few I think need to be see large. For the rest NetFlix or even the computer in a pinch. I have an eclectic taste in most things and movies is not exception. Action and adventure have been the safest bet for me of late. Comedy falls flat and the romantic ones make me want to roll my eyes. lol

  3. We used to see movies frequently, but the past couple of years, not so much. I think we fell out of the habit when I had to work most weekends, and now that I'm unemployed, we have to consider if a couple hours entertainment is worth the cash investment it takes these days. We did see Avengers, though, and both enjoyed it, even though Iron Man is the only of the other films we'd seen.

    We do have one drive-in around these parts, though; we should check that out, though the heat can be a deal breaker sometimes.

    1. I have seen all the movies my daughter has not so I should really like Avengers. She said there were things she did not get and she thinks that would have made a difference.

      I try to only go to matinees or the cheap theaters. Full price is just outrageous these days!