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Monday, July 16, 2012

Borrowed Humor

Jeff's advice for day seven is steal some...content for inspiration or something like that. It almost makes me uncomfortable but I am trying to dig deep here.

I loved Erma Bombeck. If you search you can find the parody Christmas note between her and Martha Stewart. 

My favorite Erma bit is from one of her books. She said she found herself locked in a bathroom one day. She was hiding out.
Then there was a knock on the door. It was her youngest son. He was asking if she was busy. She told him she was going crazy. To which he replied 

"Well you have to take me with you because you never take me anywhere."

Ah a moms life. What are you going to do?

I will have to tell some stories of the drama my kid has put me through. Maybe on the other blog. 

My mothers' favorite story is about the time my daughter tried to fix me up with a guy at the grocery store. 

My daughter was not old enough to read at the time and I certainly was not interested. These things mattered not.

Erma Quotes:

Insanity is hereditary. 
You can catch it from your kids.

Ironed sheets are a health hazard.

Laughter rises out of tragedy, 
when you need it the most, 
and rewards you for your courage.

When I stand before God 
at the end of my life, 
I would hope that 
I would not have a single 
bit of talent left, 
and could say, 
"I used everything you gave me."

When humor goes, 
there goes civilization.

Seize the moment. 
Think of all those women 
on the Titanic who waved 
off the dessert cart.

Never loan your car to anyone 
to whom you've given birth.

The grass is always greener 
over the septic tank.

A child needs your love more 
when they deserves it least.

There is a thin line 
that separates laughter and pain, 
comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.
If you can laugh at it, 
you can live with it.

I told you I was sick.
(She requested this to be her epitaph.)


  1. Always liked Irma Bombeck and so did my Mom. Neither of us liked housework, and Irma Bombeck somehow gave us permission to disregard the female roles of the time.

    1. I come in somewhere between Erma & Martha Stewart. hahahaha

      Ya gotta have laughter no matter what.

  2. I loved Erma. She had great wisdom, as well as insightful humor. I'm visiting your blog from the A-Z post I wrote today. I'm enjoying your posts - love homemade bread too! I'm a new follower. :-)

    1. Welcome to the blog. Nice to have you aboard. AtoZ was fun. Now I am doing UBC again. I need to make some bread and use up more of the 5lbs of honey. Hope to see you around more.