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Monday, July 2, 2012

Some Fun Facts

1) I am an Air Force BRAT. This means both of my parents were in the service at some time during my childhood.

We were unusually stable for most of those years but see #14. 
2) I miss snow.

3) I have a thing for twins. I met a friend in pre school. He was a twin and his brother did not like me. It didn't bother us. We were a solid pair.

4) As a child I was allergic to cats. I did not know that and I am almost certain it would not have mattered. I played with them every chance I could get. Sneezing and itching afterwards be darned.

5) My only pet growing up was a tiny fish. My brother...accidentally killed it.

6) I had imaginary friends. A few had names the rest just existed in a throng behind me.

7) I used to be an avid reader. Now I am a mom and internet junkie.

8) I taught myself to in line skate. Now I need to master ice skating or going backwards.

9) My first car was donated to me by a social acquaintance. A geek got married and his new wife did not approve of his old ride.

10) It was a light blue rusted out 65 Bug. The year was 1998.

11) A Bronco broadsided it with us in it. That was my first accident. I was on my first trip downtown in the new car. It continued to run so I kept it. The year was still 1998.

12) My mother was born in the Bahamas. Her father and family are featured in an old issue of Life Magazine. He was famous for his work as a bone fisherman. They called him Bone Fish Sam.

13) I have been to Mexico. Ole or should I say Hola.

14) We lived in Michigan for three years.

15) I bake. I like chocolate but the first time I made fudge I hated it.

16) I make gourmet ice cream. NO. I do not make vanilla what would be the point? To go through all the trouble of making ice cream and not add nuts, spices or at least flavoring just seems pointless to me.

17) I like nuts. Could you tell?

18) I am an extrovert. Is that obvious too?
19) I am a bad girl turned good. You're welcome.

20) I have no fear of public speaking. No that is not the same as being fearless. Yes you can believe other wise if you wish.

21) I loved my one and only trip to the big apple New York City! My kinda people those outrageous New Yorkers.

22) Disposition: Sunny

23) I was born in northern California. On a military base if you can imagine.

25) I can perhaps be summed up between two words eclectic and unique. That is what my friends all seem to say about me at least.

I see at least one blog post prompt in this list. How many do you see?

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