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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Make New Connections Tip #9

Today's Tip is about reaching out networking and connecting. In this social media world we are both more and less connected.

Isn’t that a paradox? I like to think I do it fairly well and that my biggest issue is location, location, location.

Life was easier when our whole world was the neighborhood or some place like high school where everyone we knew centralized regularly. Now our lives are busy and disjointed. 

It can be hard to hear things that are being said and sense when connections are being made or could be made.

That could be frightening. Those of us who are old enough to be here however should be able to overcome the road blocks set before us in terms of real connections and relationships.

I remember meeting Michelle of 3L Publishing. I forgot how I got connected to her on Facebook but one morning she ran a promotion.

The first three people to comment on her status update would get a free book. I think that was the offer.

Her plan was to mail them to us. I jumped on the chance. Knowing that she was in town and with my love of meeting strangers I asked her to meet me instead. We met at a local Panera bread.

It was a lovely lunch get away. I got extra books out of the deal since I saved her on shipping.

Just being able to get out of the house and experience my new connection in person was worth it however. 

I only share the details to highlight that unexpected joys can occur.

Here in town locally some bloggers got together for I think an afternoon lunch. They had a delightful time. So much so that another group is springing up to replicate the experience.

I am in the pool. I cannot wait. This is my social side. Every opportunity to get out and meet for real in a semi casual setting has my vote.

People are different depending on the medium you are getting to know them in.

How you fit together deepens and enlarges when you know each other more than just through blog comments or a social media time line. 

This might be the eternal secret of Facebook that keeps the world so addicted. Google plus and Twitter just do not have that foundation of everyone a person has ever known and those decade long in person connections first.

Jeff's idea for those who have never tried it to find three people:

Invite them out to coffee, into a hang out or over onto Skype.

I am not ready to use my camera video functions but it is about time I did this: 

Invite them each to guest blog!

You my readers will have to check back in the coming weeks or months as our schedules allow to see what contributions they will make! 

I am excited. I think they will be too.


  1. Great post about getting more connected! Can't believe you chose me (DigiScrapStar) as one of the three people. So Cool!

    1. I am delighted to be connected to you and feel your enthusiasm. It is also a good excuse to get outside my comfort zone and just take this leap.

  2. Great post. I've never met a fellow blogger. Almost like we're all humans in space.

    1. I have some friends who are bloggers that is my first connection. Then there is Michelle. I was close to meeting complete strangers when months ago one of the ladies who are pulling together our local city network of bloggers started a MeetUp.

      I think I was not quite that active of a blogger at the time. The group did not take off. I can't wait to share what meeting them all is like. The other group that met is from out of town. They have pictures and are still raving about it.

      Have you thought about attending any of the conferences like BlogHer?