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Sunday, July 29, 2012

BIG Fun That Moves You

What’s up Sacramento and California et all? Did you get to the recent state fair? Another great event was staged! It is ending just as the Olympics kick off. 

My daughter and I almost missed it this year. I was waiting for some funding to come in that would have allowed us to purchase the discount Poppy Pack. That did not happen in time. 

I would have loved to go with a friend or neighbor like we have in years passed. 

We even toyed with the idea of taking her best friend or the boy friend getting me off the hook but he is saving his money to take her out to dinner on their one year anniversary in a few months.

Awwww right?

Anyway finally with only two days to spare we packed ourselves up to experience the live people watching show that is our state fair. We saw all ages and races, couples and singles, lots of little kids and teens.

On display were BIG pale snakes and brightly colored birds with monkeys. We missed the monkeys and did not see any piggies but we saw the other animals out in the live stock area.

We did not get wrist bands so we made due with the next best deal for rides twenty five one dollar tickets for twenty three bucks.

Many if not most of the rides took 5 tickets so that would be the total we could enjoy.

We went up we went round, we dipped down we flipped over, we went fast and we SCREAMED. 

The rocking seats that had us flipped over made me feel like an ingredient in a mixed salad being tossed. 

The arm that threw us up so high in the air it looked like it would do a full 360 made me think of what Air Force pilot training must feel like. 

I did not feel like losing my lunch but I kept my eyes closed a lot!

We walked until my dogs were talking to me. Note to silly self: Do not break in new flip flop sandals at the fair.

Now the only question is why do my arms hurt the day after? We got souvenirs. She won some stuffed things. I bought us an outfit. The shirt is mine. The shorts are for her.

She had to have her favorites Dippin Dots. I settled for a Churro because I had just had a lemon aid slushy. 

We noshed at the golden arches before we headed in just so we could focus on the fun before filling our bellies with more food.

Chocolate covered bacon and deep fried peaches were new on the fair, fare menu but we declined.

The last time we attended the California State Fair we ran into people we knew and
enjoyed a Weird Al concert. This time we just tried not to get lost in the sea of humanity, enjoyed some of the silly oddities and stayed ‘til almost 10pm.

The adventure would have ended perfectly if
we had parked in a better location. 

We planned to watch the fireworks before heading home but they were out of sight and we just came home.

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