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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Posting Milestone #2

Someone in the blog sphere said when you get to 100 posts you are supposed to celebrate. I missed that memo back in January when we were doing the first UBC challenge of the year and planning Super Bowl parties. 

Milestone number two happened this week post 200! Yeah so that means a party. If I was going to host a party I would want to start by having a perfect day. 

Great simple days for me look like this: 

I wake up on my own with no pressing meetings or deadlines. I can watch the news, drink that first cup of coffee and spend time checking in with social media. 

Things are cool and quiet in the house. My cat wanders by to sit on my lap. With the laptop. Oh yes fun.
Next I want to pamper the body. A nice shower, deep condition the hair as needed, exfoliate or shave again as needed. 

It has been forever since I soaked in a bath. 

I do not like bubble baths but my daughter does. She also likes foot soaking.

It is summers. Showers are fine. I can forget to eat so it is good when I plan food to keep me moving. This morning I had a skinned apple. Sources say high toxins can be trapped in the skins of non organic apples so I am trying to avoid that when we do not buy the organic ones. I miss the pectin but oh well.

There are bagels stocked in the pantry. Yum! 

Blueberry and plain. I can eat them both with butter.

There's cream cheese.
My options for toppings seem endless!

There is some Nutella in the house that I have not brought myself to try. 

Ooh there is left over Chinese takeout. This morning just keeps looking better and better.

I have a new bin or tub for my fingernail polishes. It keeps them and the other supplies all in one place. 

I will get to adding colors to the digits as soon as I can. It is just a fun girly thing to do. I try not to wear the same color on any two nails.
I can spend all morning online. The tv is almost always on while I do this. My daughter can wake up and we will chat here and there.

She comes in my room. I go downstairs to her. She spends all her time on her phone using social media when she is not texting or talking.

I am low maintenance. Can you tell? I like low pressure.

See? I am not really a procrastinator. I am just a slow burner.

Right now I am a full time college student. That is influencing what I am free to get out and do in many ways. We have also left the play date and homeschooling scene that had me involved with other moms on a weekly basis.

The MeetUp activities I try to enjoy mostly kick in at night.
Still as I have discussed on the blog I know I am not type A. I have a go getter gear but I do not like getting up and going early if I absolutely do not have to.

However once I am up, I am up and the more (energy) people around me influence how active I become. I wish we had great roommates. I would prefer to live more communally.


  1. Congratulations on reaching 200 posts! That is awesome.

    1. Yes it has been a fun year. I am glad I have finally given this blog some direction.