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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Unwanted Blog Traffic

Do you post real pictures of yourself and family on your blog?

We will not even discuss how Facebook owns all the data you have uploaded there.

It can be a hot topic the idea of posting pictures of your children for instance.

Is it fair to them?

These generations are growing up without any understanding of the freedom and safety that comes with anonymity.

Undesirables surf the web with the rest of us. 

If your blog were a house are you leaving the windows open when you should install blinds or pull the curtains?

There are just simple things to do that might lesson your exposure. There are pesky people who can show up in comments.

I never mention them. Think ‘maps’ backwards. I deal with things but I see no need to have a word I do not want associated with me posted by me. 

If you check the statistics tools for your blog you can see the kinds of odd things that people might have searched to land on your pages. 

See any strange spikes? These are things to not be paranoid about but to be aware of. 

I know some people are trying to keep themselves rather anonymous. Others are just innocently sharing their lives with the world.

We think our viewers will be people just like us. What if they are not?

YouTube videos that have made the rounds like The People of Walmart should tell us differently. (That was kind of a joke.)

Then there are the seriously disturbing ones where parents and care takers post what looks like abusive behavior to the rest of us.

Social policing takes on a whole new meaning.

People get really comfortable on their blogs. They say things they would never share with strangers and sometimes close friends.

That is half the fun. We just do not want to attract the wrong kinds of attention.

It is summer. Time for playing in the water and fun in the sun. Snap pictures of the dog, cat and other pets. Capture memories of your family growing.

Be thoughtful of the ones you share. Take notice of what is in the background that could attract the greedy.

Think about using stock photos.

Remember that digital information up loaded from your technical devices can contain information about your location etc. embedded in it.

Keep an eye on your viewership hits and any spikes that perhaps come from odd places.

Think about putting copy rights or water marks over pictures you post of your own subjects. Do you want to disable the ability for people to copy and paste text from your posts?

This usually annoys me when I discover it on someones site but I have read of content being swiped and re used as original by a viewer.

Mostly my life is so weird and my perspective my own that I do not worry anyone will try and pass off something I have written like they came up with it.

We could perhaps all use a refresher course in the dangers that exist.

I hope this has been helpful not worry some. It take a bit of creativity to put yourself out there safely.

I know you can do it. You are a blogger! A writer! the creative type. Necessity is the mother of invention and we are the grandchildren.

“Make it work!”


  1. I think this is a great way to remind us all to be careful. It's really easy to get caught in the trap of sharing too much or being too afraid to share something. We just need to be as careful as possible (especially when it concerns our children).

    1. A dad blogger was sharing today that he saw some...traffic that suggested his site had become popular for all the wrong reasons including a few words he had used and visuals of things that would other wise seem no big deal to a parent. It felt like time to make a post to heighten awareness and shake people up a bit.

  2. I don't post many pictures. And have your same reservations.

    1. It is such a new world we live in. It can be hard to know how to navigate.

  3. Oh man, do I get the strange search engine terms.

    Let's just put it this way: A LOT of people search for cures for "broken" male genitalia. And somehow, they find my blog.

    A lot.

    Good reminders here!

    1. lol I am not sure I want to know what you have been posting about or if these comments will ping in search engines. hahahaha

  4. I use many pictures and just hope for the best. I think there is nothing wrong with them and everyone can see them. I HOPE

    1. I do not think most of us have to worry. Keep track of your stats.

  5. I hope you are still following this thread I'm looking for some help and am at a loss where to start... I hope you can help with very much unwanted blog hits from sites I won't mention here... I have a family, sewing blog and really need to try find a little help~?!?!?!?! I hope you could point me in the right direction.... Hugz Traci!