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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Writing Tip 10 Sharing

Writing tip #10 is: Share

The idea is to use my platform to talk all about people other than myself.
First up is Cate!
Cate Russell-Cole is a fully qualified Social Worker, Adult Trainer and editor; with an understanding of both the psychology and technical aspects of writing and creativity. 

She has been researching, writing and teaching her own courses since 1990, and is a successful feature article and book Author. 

She currently writes and coaches online. Cate’s creativity and writing coaching has attracted thriving online communities, which Cate maintains frequently to provide both how-to resources and writer support.

In addition to working online, Cate also teaches locally through both the Local Government and private training providers. 

Her most successful course to date is “Write Your Life Story.”

For more information on Cate and her work portfolio, please visit her web site at: Artios Communications

Next is Yo Pal Hal of the Miracle Morning.

This exciting guy was some crazy Facebook connection I had. His was a crazy philosophy about awakening daily at 3:45 a.m.

He got married and had a baby. I thought maybe he might slow down a tad. Silly me. If a near death car accident could not put him on out baby! 

Lastly there is someone who shares my first name.

Ms. Tosca Reno I just love her bio! 

At age 40, author Tosca Reno found herself miserable, overweight, stuck in an unhappy marriage, and living an unfulfilled life. She was able to turn her life around and is now a successful author, motivational speaker and wellness consultant, media personality and model. 

Tosca has penned numerous books, including the incredibly successful Eat-Clean Diet® series, has appeared on numerous national television and radio programs and now travels across North America appearing at book signings and seminars to deliver her message of health, wellness and inspiration.
You can follow her on Twitter in real time. How cool is that?


  1. That Yo Pal Hal seems like an interesting guy. Now, I *really* am not a morning person, so not sure I'm all for his idea, but it's still interesting. ;-)

    1. I completely agree but every time I hear him talking and see the people doing the video something makes me wonder. I have discovered the joys and a mid morning nap so the possibilities are opening up. hahahaha

  2. Yes! I love/apreciate and understand Hal's philosophy. I am a huge morning person- Can't wait to wake up, enjoy my coffee on the front porch, read a few inspriatinal chapters in a good book and finish the morning around 7:00 by taking a run along the river with my dog! Love the magic of the morning!

  3. Replies
    1. Once I get up I am wide awake. I would just rather stay up late than get up early. I can be creative at any hour of the day. I like to wake up on my own and have the time to enjoy the quiet, have my coffee and collect my thoughts etc. Then I want to log in to all my social media and see what is new.

  4. great idea as well as a generous one for a bog post, to help promote others. Mine is all about me, me me:)

    1. Well to be honest I was prompted this time but a platform is for sharing.