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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Empty the Creative Inbox

Today’s Writing Tip is about moving forward. It is for authors with unsubmitted unpublished manuscripts on shelves or tucked away in desks etc.
I can’t say that I am sitting on anything that close to completion unshared and unreleased. When I create something it is like having those few dollars burning a hole in one’s pocket.

It becomes what I am thinking about and what I am speaking about. I live my life raw. Whatever is going on I am usually free to share so I do. When I can’t share it you might just find me giggling to myself.

I do have ideas for things I have not tried yet. I still do not want to do a Vblog. That would require hair, make up and moving from my comfy writing spot.

I need to be shopping and packing. I am poised for a grand new adventure. It is making me slightly nervous. When it is over I should have stories galore to share. Pictures too!

Part of what keeps me liberated on the creative front is that I have silenced my inner outrageous critic.

I understand that not everyone is supposed to like or get me.

A writer is an artist.

Art usually either connects with people at a core level or they misunderstand and dismiss it. To keep from letting this influence my inner self worth I know how to both blossom where I am planted and go where I am celebrated not just tolerated.

The last thing I want to do is live and die with art around me that I created but never shared. I have a daughter too. She knows about all that I do.

Part of being her mom has kept me in a good place mentally and emotionally.

I want to live a life she can be proud of and emulate for success. 

If I created something, turned it out of my hands with a level of completion and was unwilling to go to the next level she would take and run with it.

She runs with things I have put down thinking they were done for. She has creativity and an eye with a depth of creation all its own. She is a bit of a challenging inspiration.

Being a mom causes me to reinvent myself at times. No secrets, no internal hindrances, a life with no regrets. It leaves me open poised for the next big adventure.


  1. You might want to sign up with my writing workshop, i you write fiction...

    1. What my friend suggested I write is more biographical than fictional but I do like to surround myself with other creative types. Thanks!