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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mix and Simmer or Build

Have you ever made chili or spaghetti sauce? One of those things that takes all day to cook and simmer?

That is what writing tip #8 makes me think of. It says to build. The advice was to develop a system and a pattern for working, show up and do it, finish something and pull together a team or a network.


That is rather a tall order. I guess if one
pushes one’s self it could all be done in a day. The thing of it however is, it will need to marinate to flourish.

So it feels like one of those mornings when I set out to make chili. Either the pre morning when I set the beans out to soak or the morning of the chili making when they are done and it is time to assemble the sauce.

Everything goes into the pot and I mix it up. Then I set it to simmer stirring occasionally for hours. It is still going to be better the next day after refrigeration and reheating has taken place.

The first time I learned of this was when I decided one day to make pizza sauce. I was either frustrated with one I had purchased or elbow deep in homemade pizza dough and realizing I did not have a can handy in the pantry as I had imagined.

We had successful pizza for dinner that night. What was amazing was it tasted even better the next day!

The work you do today, with intention, purpose and the end in mind will feel good today.
No one ever said accomplishment for the sake of accomplishment is bad. There is just so much gravy after that. More on the other side.

When you hit publish on a blog post that is success. When readers react to it that is the morning after reheat where the post is not just alive but it is bearing fruit.

I am reminded of other great things I have begun. The steps that it took to bring things all together at the beginnings, who was involved or surrounding me. I think of all the preparation and planning.

Having that come together is a joy and a release. Where it goes from there is that next level you wait for with as Frank in the Rocky Horror Picture Show said it best anTiciPatIon.
Sometimes you wait pensively. Other times like a gardener you work around the waiting.
You diligently water and maintain the empty space where you are expecting plants to soon appear.

Who's with me? Go. Do. Be. Rejoice!


  1. So right! The anticipation of reaction is nearly mind boggling! Often I wonder if I am writing in the wrong venue. Or if I am so bad, no one wants to comment...I think it would be better if they let me know that as well! Nicely done. Thank you for sharing.

    1. You live in MI. I was in Oscoda for three years during high school. I miss snow but not much else. California just has that allure.

      As for writing and the audience...sigh a delicate science.

      It might be easier for me not writing fiction. I also came with some experience. It lets me know that I have an audience. Finding that audience can take time.

      It has taken me all this time to find some blogging community. There are writing ones too I would join if I were doing more writing than blogging or any fiction right now.

      Viewer stats are as important as comments if not more. Each comment might represent ten or more silent fans.