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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Remembering Childhood Dreams

A fellow blogger is reminiscing today about little girl dreams and it seemed as good an idea as any for today’s post.

When I was a little girl I imagined the world could be mine. Didn’t we all?

As a young child at home I just wanted to grow up.

They older kids in my elementary school seem giant or almost adult size. So I assumed I would be taller.

BUM-MER that did not happen. I am not even average height. I am 5ft2.5 with my shoes on. The average woman is between 5ft3 and 5ft5 feet tall.

I never imagined I would be climbing on counters until I get too old for things like that. I remember the home I grew up in and being too little to see over the counter tops.

I wanted to be a writer and a singer when I was little. 

I knew I wanted to be a mom. I knew I wanted to own cats.

I have loved living in California. The only other place that seemed exciting enough to tempt me away was New York City

I have been once. It was all that I could have imagined and more. I never got the chance to try to live and make it there.

I still dream about being famous.

I dreamt about being rich. I have learned what I really want is wealth. The idea now is to build a business to leave as a part of a legacy for my daughter and any future kids I might have.

I did not know it was a dream but I expected to inherit the home I grew up in. Losing that was a let down.

I dreamed of being a socialite, a mover and a shaker, going to all the parties and dating all the hotties.

I dreamed about having a corner office in a sky scraper with an amazing window view.

I dreamed about jet setting although I really had no idea what that would entail.

I still dream about learning to swim.

I dreamed about having a great best friend for life. A girl like a twin and a sister. Oh well…I am still looking for a new good friend. 

I dreamed about being a grown up and being able to run my own life. My parents were too restrictive and all I wanted was to get out from under.
I still dream about meeting Mr. Right for me, getting married, buying a house, having more kids and happy ever after. 

I dream about taking my daughter on a road trip across the country. We are almost out of time. I have been through and or to most of the states.

I dream about going tandem sky diving at least once.

How practical am I? There were never a host of pie in the sky ideas. More of a sort of take life as it comes approach. 

I find fun and excitement where ever I go. I just have not gotten as far as I thought I might. 

The future is still mine for the taking!


  1. When you stop dreaming - that's when you become OLD! Not for me - 56 going on 25! Love your dreams.

    1. I never plan to get old. Who has time for that? lol I agree it is important to live grandly in the mind. To dream and imagine forever!

  2. Interesting topic. In terms of dream-time, I may be at the opposite end of the spectrum: I've really had to learn to dream. (Perhaps that's part of my childhood that I never realized, until just now, that I missed..)

    I've always had hopes for my future, and believed I could accomplish anything that my mind could conceive. I then put the plan in place that would get me there... Perhaps if I had started with the Dream; I would have conceived of much loftier goals. I might not have confidently gone forward to accomplish those goals; but would have used more of my full potential.

    1. It might be fun to re envision the time in your mind when you were innocent like a child. I do not know what you might have endured that robbed you of dreams or if you have just always been practical.

      Not all of us are big on fairy tales. It is good to see further than our selves as we age however. I might have wanted more and taken more risks but I focused on being a mom when that happened accidentally for me early on.

      I believe there are things we cannot plan for. Opportunity sometimes just appears. We only have to show up and be ready.

  3. Make a list of your dreams that you alone have the control to fulfill and start one by one scratching them off. When you focus on other things the ones you can't control might just fall into your lap. Who knows maybe you'll fall madly in love with your sky diving instructor on the way down. :) Good luck in your future endeavors.

    1. I am busy with college right now and finishing up raising my daughter. I don't think I want to fall in love with someone who is love with jumping out of planes. lol I am trying to find a place and time to write. I think books are coming together in me. My daughter got the singing voice and I hope to build a business with the degrees I am earning so things should work out ok. Thanks!

  4. you are invited to follow my blog

    1. It looks like you are doing ok over there... Does not look like you need us...

  5. What a fun post. I remember my of them was to live in a huge farmhouse with my first love and our eight children.

    WHEW. Kinda glad I missed the boat on that one. :D

    1. LOL I never thought of how many children I might want as a child. My maternal grandmother had 18 or so thus the sky could have been the limit. As it is I might not mind a farm house and a gaggle of kids but not birthing more than a few more. My clock is ticking.

  6. I love your dreams, past and present! I have some similar - I want to go skydiving, but only the simulated kind, in Vegas, with friends! I want to visit as many States as possible, and now that I have children, to take them with me, and then take them out of the country (other than Canada, which we have already done. and done. and done). I want to do for them what my parents did for us, in showing us that the world is bigger than our community, and that’s how we should dream. I also have been California Dreamin! Maybe I will get there, and when I do, who knows? We may meet some day!

    1. I hope my daughter and I can road trip around the country. I have seen it but she has not. The funny thing is now she can help if we do that since she is taking drivers ed. Wow time flies. You never know who you might run into. Blessings!