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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

About Twitter

I might be becoming a Twitter snob.
Uh oh! Oh well...

I do not auto follow and tit for tat. I follow those I think tweet value or that I want to be connected to.

Which is not to say when I do not follow someone that they have no value.

It might simply be that I prefer to connect with them some place else.

I basically refuse to follow someone who does not tweet. Maybe that seems self explanatory but there are Twitter accounts where all the stats are rising and they have never shared an update in 140 characters or so.

It’s called Twitter not just sitter so yeah whatever.


We lost TwitCleaner but there is still Just Unfollow. From time to time if you follow hundreds or even just dozens of folks some or many of them might give up on Twitter. To find this out easily there are these wonderful tools. 

When you are following so many people that you hit the cap and Twitter suspends your ability to add more people then you might want to get rid of the dead weight.

Running the program does not equal automatic unfollowing. You maintain complete control. It is just a tool…

Twitter does not prefer people who tweet only and all about themselves. I concur.

Most people have day jobs and many who do not are at home care givers. Like their tv viewing then they want Twitter (SFW) safe for work. No gore and excess swear words etc.

I unfollow the potty mouthed ones in a heart beat.

Auto DM’s are mostly done wrong. Proceed at your own caution. They actually can be useful or maybe DM’s can but there is no reason for them to be automatic. Use your own judgement.

If you are serious about creating a platform for yourself, your writing or other business you should have a fully filled out bio. 

URL(s), Location, general personal information, maybe a hash tag or few, a catch phrase. DO NOT leave this area blank.

Further more put your Twitter link or a button on your other social media sites. When it comes to platform building you want to be everywhere as much as humanly possible. 

Not because you want to just spread out as thin as possible. Not even because you want to reach every last soul where ever they might be. 


You want to be everywhere and all over because that is where people your potential fans and customers  are. 

Different people prefer different sites so you want people to be able to connect with you where ever they are most comfortable.

Once you do this you can decide if you want to link accounts together so that posts to the sites are simple duplicates of each other.

Many experts will suggest you do not need to take this step. Social media does not have to take all day.

You can check the Connect link of your Twitter in probably less than five minutes a day at least when you are starting out.

When your tweet content is good and when you are engaging with others they should be interacting with you.

Your tweets get retweeted (RT) and people will talk to you using the @ feature.

If you are new to Twitter, just starting out or having trouble getting things moving please see my other posts on the subject and feel free to leave comments or ask questions.

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  1. Obviously, those that do not tweet have nothing worth noting. But, my policy is to follow those who follow me- but it may be on any one of my handles. Because my tweets and history are available to clients and friends who follow me. I try to keep my clients' needs and friends desires first.

    1. You would think those who do not tweet (yet have accounts) have nothing to say. Some are just socially introverted and are waiting for their big moment. lol

      I think their thought is they will tweet once they have followers but I like to see people send out at least a message or three just to prove they are real and get into a good habit of sharing.

  2. Thanks. I knew there was an unfollow tool and am glad you posted it here.



    From UBC

  3. Great advice about using Twitter. Thanks!

    1. Welcome to the blog. You are welcome!