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Thursday, July 4, 2013

UBC Summer 2013

It is that time again on the blog. A blog challenge month. 

As in months prior I am doing UBC The Ultimate Blogging Challenge but there are a myriad of them to investigate if you have a blog or just love reading blogs.

This challenge is a blog a day, a test of time and will. 

It offers banners and buttons, a web site connections and a Facebook share group for our support and enjoyment. 

We can also be found sharing blog posts and tips via G+ or Twitter. Also included are daily emails with prompts and helpful info.

It is a very involved challenge that can really boost a blogger. 

Sometimes it feels a bit lonely to blog or we get busy with life and a twinge or writers block. The blogs languish and then we feel wonky about it. 

It’s a vicious self-defeating cycle. Connecting, reaching out and making new friends or connections while working on a project even when the project is an individual endeavor can really renew creativity and good feelings.

That is one of the secrets I learned last year by doing this challenge. Even if a few days of the month get missed (thank goodness for scheduling and back dating in a pinch) the other good things that happen and come out of joining a challenge are totally worth it.

With the new activity most of us will experience an uptick in viewership and maybe comments. Some of us will get new followers or even make a friend. 

With more people reading hopefully more readers will be sharing links to our contact. We could see connections to others on various social networks increase and really broaden our horizon.

If you are simply a blog reader you know how addictive it can be to click from one to another reading your favorite authors and keeping in the know. 

We blog authors love this too. I doubt I am the only one but sometimes if we are not writing it keeps us from reading along with everyone else.

The opposite happens when we are fired up about a challenge. It would seem counter intuitive that the time it takes to do the challenge, time we might have said we did not have in the first place, expands into time to check out what others are posting and sharing.

I call my blog here Midnight Musings because I keep odd hours. Further I liked to blog in the wee hours of the morning. 

I did not have a lot of followers and it seemed fun to have a random post pop up like a surprise after an inspiring night session.

Joining daily challenges has shifted my writing focus. If I don’t get things written ahead of time then posts get created over morning coffee. 

If I get a blog out by 10am or 12pm I feel accomplished. Readership tend to dip after that point for the day as well. So there is a method to what might seem like random madness.

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