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Saturday, July 13, 2013

When trajedy strikes

My daughter blogged about this so maybe all I need to do is show the photos. I have not sent them to her so she has not seen them.

They are more horrific when you know a little old lady came walking out of the unit on the left of the burned building. 

Her windows are boarded up but I guess things are not as bad inside.

By the light of day I went to see just what was left and exactly where. 

Nothing could have prepared me for the full story that I got.

As I stood there fighting with my phone to take pictures, it said “no room”, a woman stepped out on her patio across the walk way.

Her kitchen window is busted and the mini blinds are melted. I guess the fire was hot and LARGE. The lamp posts in between the buildings are melted.

One neighbor now in custody got mad at the neighbor whose home has been destroyed and started throwing pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails or whatever over at the unit.

Then he climbed up on the roof to watch it burn or something like that. I don’t know if he is unstable or was on substances. 

I cannot image with all my powerful creative juices what makes a person think to do this much less who just has the materials on hand (when we do not even have garages) or goes out to get them without thinking…’hey I live across the pathway and could endanger myself'…not to mention and entire neighborhood.

"...Fire...Arson...Suspect on the loose..."

When I first heard the scattered bits of intel as the event unfolded I thought maybe a visitor got upset with a resident or a resident was targeted by someone who did not live on the premises. 

The idea of throwing incendiary devices from home to a neighbor visible across the space of two mini lawns and a pathway just did not enter my head.

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