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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Your Dream Job Bid

I am on this speaking vein right now.

Here is a prompt for you to dream on. 

I am job hunting so that is also part of how I ended up with today's post.

If you were job seeking or if an opportunity just presented itself to get in front of someone who could propel you forward in that kind of way what could you say in the elevator, on the phone, with little more than a tweet to get their attention and a sit down?

That is the question or the prompt.

I will leave the outline here and if you come up with your own answer please share.

Hi, my name is _________

I work (with, in, for or at)..._________

I am interested in ___(doing what at this dream job?)

What do you love to do?

What are you good at?

Who knows this?

Give a gracious closing:

"Thank you."  
"It's been great running into you."
"It has been a pleasure speaking with you."
"Thank you for the opportunity to pitch my idea."

Repeat your name. Repeat how they might be able to get a hold of you or close by asking for the next step if they do not get to that first.

Hopefully if they are engaged in your sharing moment they will react with interest and invite you along towards the next encounter.

Maybe we are dreaming here but when preparation meets opportunity great things happen. I like to think I would make the best of any random connection or conversation I might have. 

That is how my life has seemed. Still my current situation leaves me with a lot of time to work on polishing some of my random ideas.

In this day and age everyone is using social media. Your dream employer or next great connection probably has a Facebook and a Twitter. Are you following them and connected. Are you engaging with them? Are you aware of their business or public activity?

If you have a very long elevator ride in this day and age before you go to closing your pitch you have time to share why you are so excited to pour your dream out to a stranger you have never met before. 

I do not mean more of your hearts desires. I mean if you know personal things that the individual has been connected to you can interject those things now. 

It can help establish and further the conversation. It will differentiate you from others who are just fans but not really tracking for the next level of engagement. 

"I see what your company has been (doing)..."

"I really enjoyed that blog post about..."

"Your interview (with so and so) was informative..."

Do you have a great story to share about running into your dream employer, financier, mentor, publisher etc.? 

Do you have an elevator moment story where you capitalized on the opportunity and propelled yourself forward?

I would love to hear it and maybe even feature it as a guest posting to this blog. Let me know.


  1. Loving your blog here. interesting post as I am trying to get a job some of things may help. Thanks

    1. Glad I can inspire while I wait and seek. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. I love this post! My background is in marketing and public relations so I am very familiar with elevator pitches. One of my best ones took place not in an elevator but a support group meeting!

    I had just spilled my soul about a personal issue and at that time I was working, but was burned out and wanted another opportunity that would allow me to showcase my creative abilities. So at the end of my release I said, "Oh and I am feeling so devalued at work!" That was the cherry on top. In that loving and safe environment I was free to be honest. If I was at a networking event I would never say something like that. So after the meeting one of the regular members threw her arms around me and said her friend might be looking for someone with my skills. We exchanged information and in a few months I had landed my dream job!

    If you are looking for a social media gig, I can suggest a website that would be helpful. Just let me know. :-)

    1. Thanks! What a lovely story. I hear what you are saying. I am busy net working and going places meeting people. I know stories resonate with different folks. That is part of the reason I am always so excited to share. Right now yes, I need to find my next big opportunity. I will appreciate this web site you are talking about. Can't wait to find out more.