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Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Challenge Accepted

The challenge is a speaking activity.

Present a two minute talk. (GULP)

I am not nervous because the goal is to present this to a group.

The challenge makes me nervous because I can talk as fast as an auctioneer especially when I am excited and I love to talk. I am a chatter box full of stories and tales.

Two minutes is like a spoonful of the ocean. What can I parse down to share that fast that will be complete? That is the nerve wracking question.

I could practice it live if my video camera was not so lame.

I have slowed down my chattering but it still can't keep up. Plus I do not want to do hair and make up just to practice but not be able to show anyone.

Greeting & Intro

The fact that I have two other blogs leads me into talking about why I Twitter or what it is like to be raising a teenaged girl.

Either of those topics can easily cover five minutes of talk time.

There are some non Toastmasters speakers groups I am finally discovering. I have known about Toastmasters for a while now but I think these other groups I am seeing on Facebook are mostly rather new.

"Motivational Speaking" has been my dream job since the last time I sat down to dream about my life. I know to many others it sounds like a nerve wracking crazy dream. 

That is how you know you love a thing. When no one else might ever understand and other people are all but literally running in the opposite direction.

When I face crowds to speak I channel the nervous energy and hone in on the love. 

I know I am an effective communicator. I know people want to hear something enriching or humorous and I can deliver both. It is win win.

So now I just need to work on my timing and get some dates on the calendar. Next stop, paying gigs! The house needs things...


  1. Best of luck with your speaking engagement! You'll do great! :)

    1. Thank you. I hope eventually if things do go well others will video tape me and then I can get on YouTube. Doing it myself just is not appealing. I am excited to reach audiences and make folks laugh. Life is good when it is shared. Things can be poignant so you have a choice laugh or cry.

  2. My sister wants to be a motivational speaker. She is in a way - she is a pastor. I think she wants to be a different kind of light bringer, though. Non-traditional. She has a lot to offer and it not about to be boxed into anyone’s stereotypical idea of religious authority. I am not so great at doing things on video, although I am trying to do better! Good luck.

    Elizabeth T, Early Rise

    1. If I were a pastor I would think it could be easy to get speaking invites to women's ministry events. That is where I think I might try to start. I am a non traditional light for sure and I cannot be put in a box.