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Monday, September 26, 2011

Why I Twitter

If you are a friend of mine you know I love talk radio. Usually I am tuned into 710 or 770 a.m. Christian radio. However when I dial it back to 650 a.m. I hit the hilarious Armstrong and Getty
It does not take much to make me giggle but be that as it may. One day a few years ago I heard them chattering about getting on Twitter and I was intrigued enough to set up a new account.

Fast forward to last year and I realized it could be a great way to help network for the start up I was involved with. That is even the reason I started to blog…but oh how life brings changes.

Never the less here we are now and my Klout score is rising. About 6 months ago I began to see a problem I thought I could address via the medium of Twitter.

I created a blog and new account to get to work. SingleMamma4God was thus born. It is hard to be a single mother. It is hard to walk by faith. Families are struggling and hurting. That is universal. 

I had already created two successful online communities. One on Yahoo for homeschooling parents the other a Christian singles group on another web site. In the latter group I began to hear stories I had no idea about. 

Some of the things I heard I thought only I was feeling. Other things I would never have imagined were an issue especially in this day and age.

Armed with this information I wanted to enlarge my reach. Having a focus outside myself helped me bring my Klout score to 50 which I think is acceptable for someone without a hard sell. 

There is a lot of nonsense going on via the medium but there is also a wealth of potential. Unlike Facebook or Google+ you can create an identity or go with a name and brand you have already established.

I followed maybe a few hundred people with my 1st account but have scaled back and been neglecting it while building the new following. I would rather talk about things of faith than anything else. 

At the same time I do not feel the need to flood my time line with endless Bible quotes. I prefer to share and see tweets with perspective on how scripture is changing, empowering and affecting lives.

Twitter is fast moving and dialed into the goings on in society. Whatever is trending in the news or happening on television you can search and see rolling through time lines. 

When there are problems on other social networking sites people tweet about that too. I love being in the know. I love all the random to big name people you have an opportunity to get connected to.

If you are looking for a new medium to establish yourself in keep reading this week. I will share all that I have learned in the next few days

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