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Saturday, September 17, 2011


I was sitting in my Old Testament class this week. A classmate commnented on my laughter being a part of the classroom experience.

Yes indeed if you read me on the web you see LOL or hahahahaha a lot. I really do love to laugh.

I laugh because I can. I laugh because sometimes it is either laugh or cry. I laugh to release. I laugh because I am tickled pink and I got joy!

This joy that I have the world didn't give it to me and the world can't take it away. I have joy because It is well with my soul. My circumstances seem like a cruel joke in many ways. Still I wake up every morning and some time during the day I can be found giggling and laughing.

The Bible tells us laughter is good and healthy. The Bible records that Sarah laughed when she heard the idea that she was going to have a child after all her years of barreness. When I was reading about that one day I realized the Bible also says Abraham laughed about the whole idea as well. Genesis 17:17

I do not think they were mocking God. It was just a thrilling almost silly thought like a dream as they were aging and had seen no sign of bearing their own child.

People laugh when they are happy, they laugh when they are nervous. Wouldn't the idea of a late stage child make you nervous? Don't babies make you happy?

I have even heard the Holy Spirit can give people a spirit of laughter. I think that sounds wonderful. My mother would say "Watch out if you ask God to show you things to laugh about. You could find things amusing you all day long."

Our emotional well being is important to God. He wants us in the right frame of mind. Most of the people I know do not live alone. Even those that do have jobs and must interface with the community. Levity is needed. As the family of faith we are supposed to bring it and the light of love. What does the world have? Nothing we need and a lot of pain with buckets of drama.

People are waiting for Christians to live the difference. Live lives that are enviable. To bring them in with acceptance and care. We should be able to laugh ourselves through silly mistakes or inconveniences and appreciate the humorous things going on around us.

Be released to joy & laughter! What have you got to loose?

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