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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To Start Tweeting Well

Yes it is true you can extend your online platform or build one utilizing Twitter.
Once you join Twitter fill in your bio, follow well and Tweet a hello message.
To follow well means follow 100-500 people within the first week or so. Many if not most of them should follow you back. 

Remember to tweet whenever you have time to log in. Be helpful, uplifting or interesting.
With all the new people you are following your twitter stream will begin to flow. If you wonder who to follow think big, think globally also act locally.

Twitter will offer suggestions. You can ignore or go along with them. It is not a lifelong commitment. If you do not like what people have to say you can unfollow quick and easy.
When you find a friend or a business you like on Twitter look at all the people who follow them. This will tell you what sort of attention their persona and tweets attract. Next view all the people they have chosen to follow. Build your following list from others.
As soon as you have people following you and you have tweeted a few times you can start retweeting. (RT) Anything that comes along your time line and you think your followers will appreciate you can easily share with them.
Once things are humming along you can go check out It monitors and measures your online presence and influence by scanning your Twitter and Facebook if you allow it. 

Then it shows you a score and a grid of how you rate. It then details how it comes to those conclusions. It catalogs who replies to you using @YourUserID. It records who retweets your tweets. 

As you become an active, well known and respected member of the Twitter community your @Klout score will rise and then you will be eligible for @KloutPerks. 

These are fun, enjoy them!

Start talking to people using the @mention method. Put a subject, topic or idea you are interested in discussing with people into the Twitter search engine.

It will give you a list of other people talking about the same thing. You do not have to follow them to reply to something they have said.
If you followed someone because your find their bio or website empowering or you have questions you can just begin a conversation with them out of nowhere. This can be fun. Do not let it intimidate you.

Next learn to check your messages or DM’s  and @mentions whenever you log on.
Reply to their tweets that are funny, informative and or interesting.
I hope to see you #trending. Stop by and say Hello or "Tweet tweet".


  1. I have a tough time getting so many tweets from loads of users. I tried following #OWS AND it was too much!

  2. You do not have to read all the tweets in your own stream. You can just watch or just glean. Some high volume topics or people too you have to just let go.

    You can add them to a list however. This keeps them handy but then you can unfollow and not have to see their posts clogging up your time line all the time.

    Hope that helps.

  3. This is a great post and exactly what I was needing to start feeling more comfortable with Twitter. Thank you!

    1. You are very welcomed. I put it out there because I had to learn on my own. It is not hard but it would have been helpful to have a guide. Let me know as you have questions. It is probably time for me to make another post about Twittering. New things have happened there.

  4. What is this FF and +K? Also, is it important to thank people for RTs? I can see it if it is an article written by you, but if you're just sharing a public article, well....?? Thanks for the tips!

    1. Hello, I write this blog. These are my tips. It is full of information I have gathered from life and living. FF stands for Follow Fridays. On Friday some Twitter users will tweet a message filled with the Twitter ID's of their favorite people. It is an implied suggestion that their followers also follow all the people in the tweet.

      It is a compliment to be included. Twitter will let you know when this happens so then you can respond to the person who shared you. Follow them, (RT) ReTweet them, reply to a tweet they sent out, share their links or website etc.

      Some people suggest just tweet the words "thank you" to them but I think that is too little.

      +K is about Klout. Klout is a website. On Facebook you can 'like' something. On Twitter you can 'favorite' a tweet. On Klout you can give someone points for their activities. Plus one to ten in K or Klout.

      You have to visit the websites I am talking about and navigate them to fully understand the tips I am sharing. The tips are just to help you as you move along. Sometimes you see these things going on and it takes you a while to realize how important they might be and start deciding if you want or need to participate with them.

  5. Thanks, I appreciate the information. Maybe I'll try writing that blog now, lol.