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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Divine Creations on Assingments

One of my classes this quarter is Homiletics. I am not feeling the rhetoric. I further do not have the fear of public speaking disease.

Long before God sent me to Bible college I was taking stock of my life. I asked myself: What am I willing and able to do that is needed in society? What am I interested in and capable of that other people shy away from?

The answer: Public speaking. Americans hate that like they hate taxes and going to the dentist. At least with modern dentistry you can get sedated to not feel or even be aware of the process while it is going on. The Don't be nervous. Imagine the audience in their underwear. advice just pales by comparison. lol

Me on the other hand I channel the fear of all the people cringing at the idea of being a public speaker when they sit listening to me as I get up to present. Yes, I am an odd duck. If I were a man it would naturally seem like I was destined to be a preaching, teaching pastor. As a woman I have no idea where this bold assertiveness is going to take me. The last thing I heard about it was "think bigger" than anything I have ever seen. YIKES

I can truly say that seems hard to imagine. A new idea came to me just last night however. It can't hurt to keep on trying.

I decided to avoid a ranty sermon on singles in the church, for my presentation last week. I went instead with something I felt led to share about a young church worker I met at Impact church. When I began to sit next to her and befriend her over a couple of weeks she reacted like I had gone out of my way somehow. "No one else has ever done that." She told me.

It reminds me of the teenaged boy my life intersected with. It would almost make me seem clueless that these signs keep following me. Except that my scriptural text included the story of Jesus and the woman with an issue of blood. He did not know anything about her until she reached out and touched him.

Now it just so happened that she was single this woman I met in church. When my presentation was over the single women in the class shared how they really identified with her. The singles in church message came out anyway. hahahahaha Amen

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