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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blogs I Ignore

It is the latter part of a blog challenge month. It has had me reading a bunch of new blogs. It has had me running across the same old issues.

I have not seen any in funky script that was hard to read lately but I have had a few auto play music for me. YUCK 

I thought we had banned this horrible practice especially now that YouTube videos can be imbedded.

If a blog is only photos or less than 300 words I usually get bored and feel jipped for stopping by. 

Pictures are nice but I am a word girl. I still do not really get the appeal and allure of Pineterest okay?

The other extreme however is just as bad. 3000 words is an essay folks way longer than any blog post I have ever needed to read. 

Once in a while a great story will be shared on a blog and not lose me with too much fluff in 1200 words or more.

That is very rare.
Maybe I am picky. That is okay. It suits me. I would rather know what I like and seek after it than keep returning to blogs that have disappointed me hoping the authors will change.

No one likes a critic. You try to mention that something they are doing does not work for you they can’t even hear it. 

So it is your blog. Go ahead. I just won’t read it. If I like a blog I share. If I like a blog I want to get to know the blogger.

As I mentioned yesterday in one group: if people read my blog and that is all they do they are missing the point.

I am not in it for the comments. I am here as part of my over all online presence. 

It has been a while since I visited a blog that clearly needed spell check

Many blogs get avoided because they are advertised badly. "New post" or "Check out my new post" is a sure way to have me ignore a link.

If people can't give me the title of the post and a little more to go on I am probably not going to like what I see when I get there.

Successful bloggers come in all types. Be who you are. Just understand that not everyone appeals to everyone.

If you wonder why stats are low and you are sharing and have gotten yourself out there a bit could it be something you are doing or not doing?

Have you heard any criticism that you chose to ignore?


  1. Some great points and you're absolutely right...not every blog out there is for everybody.

    I have someone who religiously comments on my blog, but I can't stand going to theirs (I'm just not interested in the subject matter and even -that- is poorly presented), so I feel bad for not commenting.

    I'm sure my blog isn't everyone's cup of tea, either, and I'm o.k with that :)

    1. It has taken me until this year to realize people assume and expect tit for tat blog visiting. lol

      I read blogs that get advertised and one's I am interested in. People who end up here as readers how in the heck would I know if I have any reason to read their blog?

      Yeah that makes me laugh. It is worse with Facebook fan pages ugh sigh lol.

  2. I haven't gotten any criticism. I just don't promote my blogs much. My Christmas blog gets a lot more views around December, when it's too late to use much of the information. The other blog, well, it was a homeschooling blog in a sea of homeschooling blogs, and now it's just whatever I think of sharing. This post has been one of the most popular:

    You didn't blog in August. Are you okay?

    1. I will have to check out that post and write up a few about me giving rides to strangers. lol

      I am alive and well but struggling financially. I need to put a donate button on the blog or something. I am job hunting and trying to set myself up as a consultant.

      Things are slow...bills unpaid! ugh

  3. Hello ToscaSac. =) My name is Dean Martin but I go under the name LA GREEN. I've noticed my blog does not have a certain theme and usually people don't get the title. The title is "No Title". Also my post have a tendency to be a little long but I've been working on trying to cut my word usage down. There's some post were I get really passionate about what I'm writing and I can't help it. My 13 part short stories are one for example. I'm not expecting everyone to read all 13 because if you put them all together, it's about 39 pages. There's some other things I need to fix as well but one thing at a time... =)

    1. My blogs theme is random if there is one. That can be okay. Yes, one thing at a time. You can break up long posts into multiple ones. People can read at their leisure. Hope you continue to grow and experiment. Thanks for stopping by.