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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Password Hell

I live in password hell. 

Do I have any neighbors? 

You know what I am talking about. 

Please log in here. 

Please validate there. 

For security purposes please verify your...


It all makes logical sense in the abstract. In the every day, day to day, it just feels like torture. 

Some sites store eternal cookies and you are always logged in. 

Others will accept you if you are logged in to one of the major social networking sites.

Some sites log you out of the sites they are connected to, thus ensuring you are really you when you have to re log in there and then log in to the original site you are trying to access.

We all have 1) email. Most of us are on 2) Facebook and 3) Twitter.

Now there is 4) Google plus. Many of us have more than one 6) email. Anyone else have another random lesser known 7) site they like to visit and have to log in for? Mine involves fiber, sheep, wool and pointy sticks.

Before there was 8) Instagram there was 9) Pinterest. You can map everywhere you are going and everywhere you have been with 10) Yelp and 11) Foursquare.

All these sites require passwords. I am job searching so that means 12) LinkedIn.

The irony is that I am a great password maker. 

Even before there was the mantra:

Please use letters, numbers, special characters at least six to eight digits and don't forget caps vs non caps.

My problem is when I am sitting online busy doing things and I am asked to create a password there is not usually a handy paper and pen set. 

Even if there is, where will that be in a day, six weeks or four months when I need to use that site again???

We don't even have time to talk about the 13) FAFSA three day hold when you forget your password and have to have it reset. 

You only need that once a year. 

It would seem writing that down in a handy place would make sense. The problem again is what was handy last year this time is buried this year if it is even still around at all. 

This is password hell.

Before you suggest "Oh let your browser store your passwords" please remember that people have Iphones and day jobs. 

The only thing worse than forgetting a password you thought you knew is being away from where ever your password is stored with out access to a site you use because you never memorized the password the device just always knows it for you!!!


  1. I have my own method of dealing with these @*#&$^!_ folks. And, I am sure they would not like my choices- but my logic if they decide to examine them- they've received my editorial opinion on the subject...

    1. lol There is a method to my madness as well but still these problems persist. Yahoo got hacked and I lost access to an account that had a GREAT password. Irony can suck it!

  2. I can so relate to this! I have so many words/codes in my head, I can't keep them straight. They've gotten so complicated, I can't keep track of them. I did have to write them all down, but then the notebook is never nearby. Headache!

    1. I knew I was not alone. So sorry to hear it. I am working on figuring something out. My other problem is I don't want to just write them down so that if someone broke in there would be my list. Ya know? ugh lol sigh