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Monday, July 15, 2013

Figure it out...

I don’t get some people. I get wanting to be nice and wanting to live in harmony etc.

I just do not believe in being silenced.

So I was watching one of the couples reality shows.
I want to just frame the following conversation for women who need to...figure these things out...

Therapist: Putting up with being yelled at and disrespected is not okay.
Woman: Then what do I do?

Therapist: Confront him and walk out or away from the situation do not just sit there and take it. 

Woman: So what if he says “Yeah go ahead leave”?

(I am thinking SO WHAT??? Your option is to continue to be a doormat and you are worried that he might leave you??? I would be throwing my shoes…wait no HIS shoes at him on his way out the door. Please leave me if you do not know how to act because therapists get paid and I am NOT your mother)

Therapist: Maybe then that is okay because it means the relationship is not that important to him

Woman: Hmm okay…

Please people contemplate the worst case scenario rather than just live stuck in the fear of what could happen. "Feel the fear and move forward anyway!"

Woman: I don’t want to upset him

Therapist: He needs to be upset

Later the man is on camera. 

"I hope the Therapist does not turn my girl into someone... too bossy who holds me accountable for being a jerk... I cannot be with women like that" he says.


  1. Why people would rather have something bad than nothing at all is beyond me. They must not enjoy their own company, or else being left to be alone wouldn't be so scary.

    1. The older are supposed to teach the younger. Families are so broken, people are so broken, it's making messes all over in the generations.