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Friday, July 5, 2013

Equipment Check

I don’t know how this happened. For a non sporting non athletic girl suddenly I have amassed a collection of sporting goods?

It has only taken almost 40 years. 

I bought in line skates when my daughter was an infant. They have done me well.

To satisfy my college graduation requirements I took up bowling. I took a class and found that we like to bowl and are even okay at it.

It was after that we started spotting the balls and bags at local thrift stores. I think 9 pounds is the proper weight for me.

I have smallish fingers but I like larger holes so my fingers slip out easily upon release.

Earlier this year I fell in love with roller derby and tried out for a league. If you want to help me pick a name click here.

 Suddenly I own three pair of skates.
Size 4

Size 6
Size 7

Welcome to FrankenSkate land.

Every so often I try to buy jump ropes but I have not found one that I like and that really works well for us.

I bought a helmet not really knowing what they were supposed to fit right. Turns out it was too small. I have a new one. I still think it could be bigger. Who knew I had a large head? I can't even blame it on my hair.

Mouth guard, holder and attachment strap, check!


  1. Always blame the hair, even when it's not the hair! ;-)

  2. Oh that is hilarious. I wrote a post on hair... yes it is a good fall guy perhaps.