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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Working Out

Now that I am an athlete...

I am supposed to be working out. 

The plan was to start doing some exercises and strength building at home.

The heat wave changed all that!

It is hard to find the motivation for anything when you are melting. 

We lay low and tried not to do too much. I ran the air only a few days and never for 24 hours. 

Last month people on my Facebook time line were all excited about a lower body work out challenge that worked up to something like 100 squats at a time. 

I was just not feeling it. We do a lot of squats in derby training but usually a persons legs are strong just because we use them so often.
As a woman the challenge is most often upper body.

Now that the weather is cooled off and I might have some free time in my schedule what do you know but we have finally joined a gym. 

So working out at home alone no weights no contraptions will have to wait until next month or even fall.

My daughter has been bugging me to join a gym. I usually say we cannot afford it. 

No wonder being now on a sports team is kicking my butt financially. Still we had a nice time our first day at California Family Fitness

I want to take a Pilates class and maybe find a sister site that has a pool or a climbing wall.

What I worked on most were gliders or pedal things. Not exactly bikes and not exactly stair steppers. What I wanted to avoid was the treadmill but I did about 10minutes there.

I liked the weights activities. It is not about bulking up but there is a desire to build muscle mass.

Good thing we just went shopping. Muscle building includes eating well.

Too bad I don’t like eggs or avocados.


  1. Derby? OMG I want to do derby! I have for years, but I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to that. And I need to get my butt up and moving myself, but I definitely feel you on the heat wave thing! It's hard to think, let alone move, when it's this hot!

    1. Go for it! If there are rinks in your town you have time to practice. Look for a local league and find out how to get in touch with them. I am sure they would love to have you.