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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sac Pin Party Success

What’s a Pinterest party? That was the question and now I know the answer! It’s fun.

Even if you are not a Pinterest junkie.

There was just the right energy about this event. We first stood around talking and then we settled in chairs to eat and continue getting to know each other.

I went not knowing who I would meet or what to expect.

Thankfully I am an extrovert with an adventurous side.

It was a great chance for local bloggers, pinners, artists, businesses, entrepreneurs and other interested folks to hang out and interact.

There were lovely conversations about everything under the sun I am sure. I know the questions I fielded ran the gambit and I did not even get to talk with everyone.

We shared stories and then there were raffle prizes! A handful of bottles of wines, a day trip, a massage experience, tickets to the zoo, and other things.

I did not win but I did not have my heart set on anything.
Our location for this event was another previously unknown to me. 

Right on the water of the Sacramento river it is a casual place carved out in the dirt. My daughter gave me the run down and told me the place usually has live music. 

There was a nice sized stage on the premises.
We did not stay too late. We had fun without getting too wild. It will be interesting to continue connecting with all the new faces and entities I encountered.

The mix and the overlap of who we are and how we are connected fascinates me.

Yesterday on Twitter someone asked who was coming to the party and I replied, Me! 

I met her while we were socializing.  It took me coming home to realize that is who she was.
Recently an idea came to me to make a Twitter list of people I tweet with that I have met.

Yup, it is time now!

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