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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


People have been complimenting me on my people and speaking skills my whole life. It then perhaps is not surprise that I am also somewhat of a natural writer. 

In 9th grade my English class had a computer program that would do an in depth analysis of written work. 

We all submitted a fiction sorry for the class and were able to have it analyzed. I was amazed that it said things like 12th grade or above comprehensive writing level

What does that even mean I wondered. How can you write above the 12th grade anyway???

It was not really clicking for me that all the mechanics of English class, when utilized elevate the reading level of the material. I mean who even followed that sentence? It means the more formulas you use when writing the more educated and cerebral your text can sound. 

I just write like I think. Go figure. 

That English class included an oral report as part of the curriculum. I did it on the fear and loathing of public speaking. 

Title: Oh No The Oral Report. My presentation was a hit. I had fun as always. Life went on. 

Today I probably had the worst public speaking presentation ever. Still it went better than some really bad sessions I have experienced or heard about. 

There was no crying. There was no booing. Bullet points were delivered. My outline was again killer.

Trying to pull a powerful, organized (by someone else's design) speech together is where I was stuck. If you do not use the formula you are destined to (only) be a motivational speaker the substitute professor informed us. 

I should have taken my label and walked out because I am ok with that! 

No I needed to make a fool of myself and still pull off a decent speech so someone could see that. 

Good thing my text really speaks for itself and I did spend a chunk of my time reading that before I began to try and expound on it. 

The class I needed would have been one where we were told to write speeches for presentation. I would not even have minded topics picked out for me. I think I can frenzy up a crowd with impact full knowledge. I don’t need notes and an outline for that. 

Those with the filters for minds could then critique the speeches and from this I would see my strengths and weaknesses.


I knew there was a word that was missing from the syllabus for this class.

Motivational speaking career here I come.

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