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Friday, October 7, 2011

Use Hashtags to Search or Chat

If you are tracking with me, you are well on your way to being an excellent tweeter!

By now you should have noticed words or phrases come through your time line with the number sign # attached to them. 

They become hyper links. 

The eager among you have already clicked and began to unravel the mystery or asked and gotten explanations. For those who are still wondering Twitter calls them hashtags. Maybe they have some friends 'across the pond'.

Trending ideas or topics get the hash tag # and thus link to each other. Search will work without the tag but the best use of them might be for Twitter chat sessions. 

When someone wants to communicate with many others about a subject they will decide on a word segment to tag. Learning To Twitter can become #LearningToTwitter or #LTT.

To host a chat you send out invites and announcements a bit before maybe days maybe only hours. Your followers can invite theirs and it can really be a chatter fest. At the appointed time the chat starts. All replies and responses contain the appropriate tag and can thereby be tracked watched and participated in. 

One of the things this does is help everyone stay in the loop while cutting down on the characters it takes up to send a tweet or response to multiple people at a time.

This is also a fun way to see who else is interested in a hot topic from news or tv for instance. 

Prime time shows are usually very well represented in evening Twitters streams. I do not watch #DWTS but I am a #NancyGrace fan.

You can make a phrase as long as you want into a topic. Just leave out any spaces. Symbols will break the hyper link as well. Now that you have learned yet another new skill it is time to start putting it into practice. 

After sending out some tweets plug in some words or catch phrases into the Twitter search engine. See what comes up. Follow some new people and or join in various conversations.

Twitter is global and it really does not sleep. Experiment and have fun with it. People say Facebook is where the people who are supposed to know you are. They are supposed to be the people who would want to hang out with you and you them. 

What we find often happens however is Twitter connections become even more a great fit of personality humor and temperament. With less personal information being shared via an individuals page there is less to bog down. 

When you really begin to enjoy tweeting you will realize how it makes your communication more concise. Hope your ID is no longer than about 6-8 characters because 140 comes and goes really fast.  Case in point: 

Tweeted it in under 140. Nice! 

"@TerryAnn333 Lemon or organic apple cider vinegar in 8oz H20 as an a.m. ritual (1T plus 1t honey or BLECK). Can heal, purge + help UR body."


Sorry if that tweet does not read completely coherently. It's one table spoon acid plus one teaspoon sweetener in one cup of water on an empty stomach. 

Such are the perils of trying to say a lot in very little space. Proceed with caution.

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