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Monday, October 10, 2011

Post Birthday Info

I was supposed to make a post about my birthday but it sucked and then I moved on so this is a little late in coming. The good news is I am another year older and still looking 20something feeling fantastic. My tummy is growling in a hormonal way but that is ok too... Just a phase I am sure. My birthday was last Saturday. 

The afternoon before I hopped on a bus and took myself alone to the cheapy movies at sunrise mall. I think I saw Captain America. It was good but the ending kinda left me a bit chilled or disappointed.

I ate at Panda Express and even had time to shop before coming home for the evening. One of my favorite mall stores used to be Wet Seal. All but right across the isle from the theaters a sign for every 2nd shirt half off caught my eye. In the back on the discount racks the deals were even better. Buy one get the 2nd one for a penny! SQUEE
I bought leggings, a dress and two tank tops. With all the activity and the way buses start running less later in the evening I opted not to stop off and get some much needed supplies for the house. 

My plan was to get up Saturday and after watching reruns of my new favorite show Prison Break I would head out again. In vain I tried three times to catch the bus and it never showed. Finally the hour was getting late again and I gave up. Buses stop running even earlier on the actual weekend. Totally bummed me out. I was going to treat myself one more time before the birthday ended. It was not to be. 

This living without a car business has just been the pits. I am 36 years old. I have no friends who aren’t busy. It has been a lesson in counting my blessings not my problems and being grateful for the little things. Indeed I am. I know well what I don’t need. What I needed was someone to think about me and offer to take me grocery shopping once or twice. What I would have loved is a friend to come and get me to attend events or just hang out for coffee.

Instead I had NetFlix and cable. Yeah I splurged and went there. LOL It just has not seemed fair. I picked up strangers off the side of the road when I had a car. I help everyone I can all the time. Waa waa waa 

The only thing worse was after I was living at home with no car my dad got mad at me and refused to let me drive his. He was experiencing a tad bit of dementia due to some stroke activity. 

It was really all a misunderstanding. I can’t say I saw him more by not going anywhere. Still he died shortly after giving me back my privileges. What can this car less season have been about in relation I wonder. ???

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