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Friday, November 4, 2011

Play Blog Tag

Happy Weekend! Anybody want to play Blog Tag? You answer 7 questions with posts from your blog and link-tag 5 friends. Find out more here


Most helpful post - How 2 Twitter 
What post has the best picture(s)? Trash 2 Treasure Shoes!
Which post is most popular? News and Scandal ...
Most controversial post? Brainy Girls?
Most surprising response post? Latch Key Parenting
Most unloved post? Head Bumping
Your pride and joy post? Acting Black

Those questions and answers could be misleading but I hope you have fun. Stats can be so awkward... hahahaha

Okay so for friends to tag, this was harder because I do not really follow other peoples blogs. Shhh keep my secret but I might be a blog snob. lol I am also just too busy between school and social media. I flitter around to whatever catches my eyes.

These folks are from Twitter mostly but I think they know each other. 
A Sac Food Blogger @Ms_Munchie
Someone Frugal @TheNonConsumer
Someone my age @MidLifeBloggers
A friend @FigTreeAlley

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