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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Car Shopping Success

As school started this fall my budget was set to increase and buying a car was on the agenda. I kept hoping someone would have something they were trying to get rid of that we could snap up. Finally the other night in the wee hours I saw a Fiat commercial.

I began to crunch the numbers and decided if I had to go the dealership & financing route this might be just the right deal.
Late yesterday afternoon we wandered over to the lot and got the full treatment. Fiats remind me of little VW Bugs. 

The latest and greatest of what the car industry has to offer is impressive. A lot has changed in car making since before my daughter was born. Hahahahahaha

I like a hatch back and seats that lay down. I want good gas mileage but I also like a little space and leg room in a vehicle.

I ended up in a slightly used GTI with an impressive CarFax report. It was someone’s pampered baby. About 5 years old with less than 100,000 miles. 

The most disappointing aspects A) It is a boring color B) I really wanted to get back into a manual transmission.

It was my first car purchase. I am not sure how to feel. I know I want to help my daughter make this adult step when it is time. I never dreamed of doing anything like this before. When my credit score was higher I couldn’t see making  car payments. 

As a teen my parents did not think my driving or having a car was important I guess... As an adult and parent it seemed to out of reach.

My 1st car was a gift from a virtual stranger. A few weeks after I started driving it we were broad sided by a Broncho.

The next car was a trade deal between me, an at home mechanic and couple he knew who had an infant in need of child care. 

Car #3 was one of a family friend by marriage who’s daughter had ruined it. I was able to make the needed repairs and the vehicle belonged to me. When it died I was car less until my mother bought a new one after my dad died in 06. I got her old car. 

It has been hard to be totally frugal and squeeze the most fun out of every day life having to rely on public assistance. One of our favorite cheapy fun events is the drive ins off high way 50 in Rancho Cordova. For less than the price of a regular movie you can see a current double feature.

I like to look for deals and discounts from various stores and grocers every time we need to stock up or get more items for around the home. I used to be able to get my single foam mattress in the back of my old Tracer. 

I hauled home a 4ft dresser I found on the side of the road one night. It is finally in my bedroom. My daughter found a wide one with a mirror she wanted from across the street just the other day. It was too heavy to carry home with help so we had to call the guy with the car to come help us out.

Here is to 2012 and adventures old and new!

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