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Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's Movember

Such is the life of us single girls. Even Christian singles girls. We like a little pg man porn every now and again if that even makes any sense.

What I mean is this: I dislike facial hair on a man. There I said it. Who says women cannot be visual from time to time? It is probably about the same as men liking women who get err umm plastic surgery.

Even my daughter knows the dirty little secret about facial hair. It's itchy and scratch to have rub against you.

As much as I love a clean shaven face, thank you Hollywood, it is indeed Movember. The month when men sign on to grow their fuzzies in support of their safety and fight against disease and other modern day maladies.

The fun thing about facial hair is men have it and I like men. I am not at all above lurking where they like to show off pictures of their...'staches, goatees and beards because very often lovely faces lurk beneath them. I am definitely a girl who is a sucker for a pretty man face.

I think I first heard about this idea while looking up a hilarious seeming new show I saw advertised on cable. 

Have you heard of Whisker Wars? Hahahahaha I stay away from stupid humor and slap stick most of the time. There was just something about seeing these grown men with serious whiskers preening and battling it out in a commercial clip. The pictures on the web site are a trip. 

My dad wore a mustache all of his life that I can remember. My daughters father fluctuated between wearing his and not especially knowing I was not a huge fan of them. I applaud everyone who rocks it out as an individual what ever their personal style. 

If you have noticed some familiar mugs strangely decorated this month maybe now you know why.


  1. I live to grow my beard. It's like a symbol of rebellion. It doesn't separate me from women who can't, but from men who won't. Plus I just love the Yogi look :)

  2. Are there photos of this rebelliousness of which you speak? hahahahaha