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Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Blog Tidbits

If you follow blogging experts mine breaks all the rules. 

When I started I thought I was going to blog 7 days a week once each day. I did not care about pictures. I also was not sure what direction I wanted to head in with it all. 

Finally now that I have 2.5 blogs I think I have things pretty figured out. My blog is a hybrid if you ask Jeff Goings. More personal than thematic or business but not strictly just about me. 

I feel more like a reporter even if I am telling the story of my own life. I have a beat, it’s Sacramento and the surrounding area. I have underlying convictions which would be like loyalty to an employer if I were working for pay. 

Here are some things I have learned: 

Readership drops off on the weekends so you can post as little as 3 times a week. 

If you get inspiration for all three at once write them all. Schedule them to fall separately in the future. 

Find a community to share with. I recommend Facebook groups and Twitter. 

Use pictures. You can make your own or get them free. 

Small paragraphs. Give the readers eyes a break, often as in every 3-5 lines. Not too dark or hard to read. Larger print. We are already staring at our screens don’t make us squint. 

No guilt and have fun!

Write from the heart. If that is sparked by current world news and events all the better. 

Use links to add information and depth to your posts. 300-500 words is average and ideal. If you have more to say sometimes 600 can be ok. Often I edit to keep it under or one post turns into two. 

Reply to your commenters. It lets them know you notice and care. 

Follow a few good blogs if you can find them. 

Comment on interesting and informative blogs. 

Check your stats but do not let them define you or how you blog. 

It is ok to do it after midnight. hahahahaha 

Don’t fake or force it. 

People are nosy and want to live vicariously. 

Blogging can be a place to vent and release after some of the narly things that can befall us each day. 

If you have a pet we want to see it/them. Same with crafting ability. 

Some people like to repost a link to their newest blog post multiple times a day. Others like myself will wait until a subject that we have posted about comes up in social media before linking others over and over again. 

A tip: Please do not say “New Blog Post” that is SO generic. So what? Who should care??? If the post has a title use that. If it has no title but it has a theme go ahead use that

If you can’t figure out what any of that means you can still say A Random Gathering of my Thoughts today instead of “new post” #ImJustSayin


  1. Like you, my best work is done after midnight...Some of us are night owls, and I like to write and blog when there is nobody up to bother me...husband is sleeping, kitty cat in my lap and doggie at my feet. Never more productive. Your blog is fun and lighthearted--adding it to the good blogs I follow:)

  2. Thank you so much. I agree some of us are night owls. I can get inspired when ever but there just never seem to enough hours in a day. Glad you like it here. I am enjoying learning to share with people I might never meet.