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Friday, November 18, 2011

Coffee & Crisis

Well I have been saying

All I want for Christmas is a car. Dear Lord I need it early so I can drive myself to all the parties.”

This idea became exasperated when I dropped by the bank on a whim the other day and realized I was close to over drawn. When school funding came out this fall I thought I had budgeted well enough to hold on to around double my rent in cash and put it towards my next vehicle.

I need a miracle. The funny thing is I am better off than I have been in years. Last fall when we moved into this remodeled rental condo we are in I put money into a savings account for the first time in over a decade. 

I wish I had realized that as I stood in the bank trying not to panic the other day. 

Instead I came all the way home on the bus to grab my cash instead of just transferring some funds. Over draft protection? I had all but forgotten what that is but it should have kicked in too if I needed it.

Like I said things were looking good last fall. I had no idea my car was going to die a sudden death.  I could never have imagined I was about to go through another season of bus rides and car pools by force.

The further irony is I know some mechanics and folks who work on cars now. If I had known them then my car might have been able to be preserved. What it means now is if I find a car that is not running or needs work there are affordable options. 

My daughters would be BIL is one of those who I could call on. He needs a car himself. They are homeless and jobless with a toddler.

They stayed with us for a weekend which would not have seemed so bad if my house was toddler proof. 

Yikes lol One morning my cat was pacing in my bed waiting for me to get up. She was not pestering me more than that so I felt no rush but wondered what was wrong.

When I finally wandered down stairs I saw that her water dish was filled with soggy cat food. Right now she asleep on the back of my couch. This would be ok except I have on a short sleeve and I brought a sweater down stairs knowing I would need it. 

I threw the sweater on the back of the couch. Guess where the cat is laying? Did I mention it is an L shaped leather couch? Of all the spaces you silly feline! Move hahahahahaah

Now oh yes back to the inspiration for this post. So Anderson Cooper and Wolverine were on tv sharing a cup of coffee. Someone twittered a link where viewers can buy the brand of coffee they were drinking.

If I was going to do a tree this year and filling out a wish list Jampit Estate and Taman Dadar would certainly be on it!

Thanks for reading.

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