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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Preemtive Outrage

Today is Move YourMoney Day. Waa waa waa I can’t participate because I am not a sheep. I am a leader ahead of my time. 

To that end there are quite a few things I just never get to be a part of because I have managed to keep myself out of them instead.   

Anyone else like me?  

1. Never used a big bank
2. Never been trapped in a relationship
3. Never taught myself to smoke
4. Never weighed more than 18 lbs over my target weight (1996 while pregnant)
5. Never tried drugs
6. Never been drunk or even tipsy
7. Never been addicted to retail therapy ;>
8. Never thought "they" were out to get me
9. Never tried to hurt anyone
10. Never been fake or image over substance.

I must watch too much television. There are shows for people who need to lose weight, shows for bad girls who like to be that way, shows for hoarders and shopaholics. 

People need years of therapy to get rid of their addictions and unlearn destructive habits they have been using to cope with life. God bless the modern age for all it has to offer to come to their aid. 

Where is the love for the rest of us is all I ask???

I am only outrageous by my normalness which might be so rare as to not be normal. 

Yes I do have problems. No I am not perfect. I did get pregnant by my own ignorance and misplaced trust. I did get my heart broken by a woman. I have made mistakes with credit. 

In all sincerity I am happy to have avoided all the pit falls that I did. This reminds me of the day Oprah did a bra show. She had all the women in audience measuring themselves and getting fitted for proper sizing. Somewhere in the last few decades as we went away from customer service and tailoring women have forgotten or forgotten to teach how to bra shop.

The measurement is to be taken from under the breast. Measuring across them is for shirt making.  So women who had been measuring and buying improperly went down in the number and up in cup sizes. Boy were they excited and HAHAHA up lifted! I could not resist...

For me nothing changed. There went my reason to head to hit clearance racks and bargain bins I love so much.

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