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Monday, November 28, 2011

Random Odd Blessings

The day I am waiting for a package in the mail is also the day before the day before Thanksgiving.

I did not want to put it off any more. Thinking the package would come early I lounged around until 4ish then finally headed out to get a few things.

My plan was to stop by Trader Joes for pudding and chocolate milk plus samples and maybe a few other things then his Safeway for the $5 small turkey, some sweet potatoes and juice.

These were the non negotiables. Going so far made me hungry so I stopped at Panda Express on my walk from Greenback and Sunrise to Trader Joes off Madison. It is not a bad walk if you have on comfortable shoes and aren't carrying things or walking in miserable weather.

Of course I get into TJ's and just start having shopping fun. Adding a little of this and a little of that into my cart until like $200 has been used. I still have miles to go before I sleep. eke

I had no idea what time any buses going north on Sunrise might be running to help me get back in position for my commute home. Never the less I set my sites on the bus stop across from Rite Aid and hauled my goodies all that way. Just as I arrived to look around a bus stopped.

They bus driver expressed sympathy for me all loaded down. He was able to get me right to the bus I needed to get home quickly. I thanked him and called my daughter. I told her to meet me at the bus stop and help me get the groceries across the street.

My plan was to not lose momentum and take the next bus going back the way I came so I could hit Safeway empty handed. We managed that. My package still has not arrived. I got to Safeway and shopped for the rest of what I thought we needed with time to spare. I waited for the final bus I needed and it came. 

When I arrived home I had the box to open and explore. I ordered Tea, Cough Drops, 3in1 stain remover and house hold cleaner, deodorant, chocolate chip cookies, wet wipes, perfume and some business supplies. No complaints so far. I want to try everything at once. It is a struggle to pace myself.

My turkey is in the freezer. hahahahah I should have bought more juice we are all out already. I need to make some sweetened iced tea.

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