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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bumping Heads

Ever bump heads with someone? Within a few weeks last year I literally bumped heads with two different women. It was slightly painful. It was embarrassing. 

We laughed and waved it off. All parties felt at fault if not a tad awkward for just a moment. 

The moment passed, the annoying sensation of pain subsided and life went on. In both instances I was in a friendly safe place interacting with another person I had warm feelings towards. Inadvertently however the person and I hurt each other.

After the second occurrence I began to wonder if there was something I could take away from these experiences to help me in my life. I decided maybe so. I am a strong personality type who notices fascinating things in my relationships and activities.

It appears at times that people resent others by their very presence or
due to out of the box thinking. What accounts for this? Maybe it is like bumping heads: too close space, inadvertent movement, miscalculation of thought, momentum, activity etc.

This is where walking in love and forgiveness as well as communication skills come into play and can be beneficial. Disaster occurs when people assume the worse, nursing all hurts perceived, implied and launched. They stew quietly or to others also with close minded perspectives on life, living and the world.

Make a vow to give people the benefit of doubt in all cases. Commit to clear the air when ever possible. This can lead to a life less drama filled and anti social.


  1. Giving people the benefit of the doubt is so important- and it's hard to do a lot of the time, I think- But, it seems like things always become clear after some discussion has revealed that both parties had totally wrong perceptions of the other. I've started to learn that thinking the worst is usually not the right answer...

    1. We live and we learn. That is the best part of life. A new day or moment is always a chance to move forward and grow with a bit more wisdom. We passionate folks need that very much. heheheheheh

  2. Yeah, benefit of the doubt--such an easy thing to say, sometimes so hard to do. Sometimes we just have to literlly remind ourselves of the typically bad consequences of jumping to conclusions and assuming the worst.

    1. I share because it comes easy for me. I want to demystify the process. It helps to hear from others and talk about it.

      Yes disaster awaits those who go running wrong directions with crazy ideas. lol