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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Procrastinating on a Rainy Saturday

I should be organizing and packing for my move at months end but I am you know “busy doing market research” which is code for procrastination on the internet and trying to find a way to relate it back to profit making and business.

I think I need to write a book. Something powerful and up lifting for others to read and be encouraged by. When in the world will I have time for that. The bigger question is should I just be myself and make it a self help or should I create a character and write fiction?

Hmm points to ponder. Meanwhile I flitter around on the
internet experiencing life through the filter of my online sites and connections.

I have homework I could be doing but nothing pressing. The three page reflection paper that is due Monday morning @ 10:40am will probably get worked on no earlier than 24 hours from now.

A few interesting links to conversations I find noteworthy:

6 Female Myths

Church ain't safe for Christians?

Hormone Replacement Study Findings

Happy fall it started raining sometime after I woke up around noon and before I had coffee around 2:30pm. Only got a few
hours of sleep seeing as I pretty much pulled an all nighter and laid down at 8am.

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